• sixthreezero In The Barrel 21 Speed Beach Cruiser Bike
  • sixthreezero In The Barrel 21 Speed Beach Cruiser Bike


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Since the response to the Global Pandemic in mid-March, bicycle demand has increased significantly as it is an outdoor activity and one of the few things that people across the country could enjoy during this time in human history.
We have sold out of many of our models, and we are currently offering an option to "Pre-Order" incoming inventory from our factories. This is a program we have employed so that riders who truly are looking for a new bicycle to ride during these historic times.


In the most basic sense, it is a reservation on future inventory yet to be ready for sale to riders. On the product page of the bike you wish to order, you will either see a button to "Notify Me When In Stock" or to "Pre-Order" the bicycle. If the "Add To Cart" or "Buy It Now" buttons are active, your bike is in immediate stock and will usually ship within 3-5 business days.

If the "Notify Me When In Stock" button is present, this means that we do not have reliable delivery dates available, so we don't make the promise that we will ship on a specific date, when in fact we do not have verification that it will. The best thing to do is to sign up for the email notification when it is shown on the product page of the bicycle you would like to order.
Please note, when you receive a stock notification, it may very well be a notice that "Pre-Order" is now available for the specific bicycle you are interested in.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the complexity of international logistics, and the number of suppliers that provide all the materials to build and manufacture our bicycles, shipping delivery times are subject to change. With the global Pandemic added to the situation, it makes delivery dates dificult to predict. We will email you updates and expected shipping date changes if we experience any during the time of your pre-order.

Please visit our Pre-Order FAQ page for more information, or contact us at theteam@sixthreezero.com

In The Barrel
Euphoria on Repeat
Overview Image

In the Barrel looks tough and rides sweet. With a sturdy ergonomic frame, balloon tires and comfortable saddle you’ll glide across any surface. Bring it to the beach or beach-up your neighborhood; either way you’ll know the rush and peace of the perfect ride.

  • Ergonomic frame with modern lines
  • Ultra smooth 2” semi-slick cruiser tires
  • Available with a multi-speed Shimano gear system
  • Ideal for casual to uptempo rides across various types of terrain
  • Not intended for aggressive off-road or or high-speed rides  
Riders all over the world. Follow this bike where it goes @_sixthreezero_
The Bike For All Journeys
Your Journey
Your Experience
You’re not interested in trendy or retro,
you’re interested in cool
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Our Comfort Guarantee
Our unique ergonomic frame geometry keeps you riding tall for maximum comfort. Translation: fewer pain points and a more natural experience, because EVRYjourney should be a comfortable one.
Riding Position 1
Riding Position
Our innovative frames are engineered to keep your body properly aligned to reduce pressure on your back, shoulders and wrists.
Riding Position 2
Forward Pedaling
The pedal position is shifted forward to give you full leg extension and reduce pressure on your hips, knees and ankles.
The Tires
The Tires Shadow
The Tires
The Tires
These 2” semi-slick cruiser tires smooth out even the nastiest roads and the extra surface area gives you increased control.
The Seat
The Seat
The Seat
This cushy, single-spring saddle was designed to protect your core and remain comfortable even after countless laps around the neighborhood.
The Grips
The Grips 1
The Grips 2
Basically, Hand Clouds
The Grips
These synthetic leather grips are comfortable, durable and slip resistant.
Whether you mount a surf rack or tow the kids in a wagon,
you’ll be somebody’s hero
One Bike
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Where can you ride
  • Beach Beach
  • City City
  • Trail Trail
  • Path Path
Speed and Distance
Recommended Riding Speed
All the speed you need for your daily commute
or a cruise down to the beach.
Recommended Riding Distance
The ergonomic step-thru frame and cloud-soft details
keep you riding easy all day long.
Additional Features
  • 7 Speeds
  • Comfort Seat
  • Comfort Tires
  • Large Frame
  • Beach
  • City
  • Trails


Ask a Question
  • Is there any way to get the In the Barrel built with fat tires?

    We make an In The Barrel Fat Tire Model, but we are out of stock on it currently. It is expected to be available in late May.

  • In the Barrel seems to have a different body design (I'm not talking about style) with an added forward piece for the pedal, kind of like an electra townie. I'm trying to decide between the Barrel and Every Journey. What is the Barrel designed for? I have not been able to ride a six three zero but have ridden a townie and liked it; it had that added forward piece before the crankset too.

    If you like the Townie, I would go for the EVRYjourney, it is very similar to the Townie in size and look, and the EVRYjourney weighs about 7 lbs lighter.
    The In The Barrel is our modern beach cruiser design, suited for men 5'6" to 6"4'. The Wheelbase is about 4" longer than the EVRYjourney. Just a larger bike frame in general.

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Sixthreezero 26 Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle Matte Black 21 Speed - In The Barrel Bike