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Tire tubes, what are they good for? A whole lot! Rims support your tire, but the inner tube is the heart of your tire. In fact, when you’re inflating a bike tire, you’re actually inflating the tube on the inside. 

Tubes for tires don’t last forever so if you need to replace one, you might as well upgrade it. At sixthreezero, we have tubes for sale for all types of bikes. The tubes we sell are also designed to last. 

Tire Tube Function

Some bike tires are tubeless, but most are not. A tube fits on the inside of your tire, going all the way around. Think of it as a large donut, except less delicious. The tube holds the air and determines the air pressure of your tires. Most tubes are rubber and have a valve for inflation; they’re pretty durable, but you should always keep a spare on hand just in case. 

When You Need to Replace a Tube

The most common reason to replace a bike tire tube is it has become punctured. If you run over a nail in the road, for instance, the tube will lose air and cause a flat tire. Tubes may also tear or rip over time. If you run over a sharp object in the road and get a flat tire, it’s often easier to just replace the tube than to try and do any sort of long-term repair. In a pinch, you can patch a tube on the road until you get back home. 

Sixthreezero Tire Tube Options

Sixthreezero has several different tube options to keep you on the road, riding safely. All of our tubes and tube accessories will work for 26” tires. When it’s time to replace your tire tubes, choose from:

  • Self-healing tubes. These tubes can take a few punctures and keep working. As the name says, they simply heal themselves so you don’t need to patch them. These tubes can seal puncture marks up to 1/8-inch in diameter. 
  • Tube protectors. These sleeves fit over almost any tube. They provide a barrier between your tube and the tire, acting as an added protection against puncture holes. They can successfully stop thorns, glass, and other sharp objects from causing serious damage in most cases. 
  • Tubes for Presta or Schrader Valves. It doesn’t matter which type of valve your bike tires use – we have a tube that will work. While Schrader valves are more common, you may have a Presta valve if you choose a road or mountain bike. 

Having the right tube is the key to tires that last. A strong tube supports your tire for years and keeps flats and accidents at bay. Our self-healing tubes are guaranteed for 2 years and can handle almost anything you throw at them. Do yourself a favor and shop tire tubes today!

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