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Cup Holders

If you never have enough time to drink a cup of coffee before you leave for the office, we’re about to make your day. Just because you commute on a bike doesn’t mean you have to kick your morning caffeine habit. With an insulated cup holder on your bike, you have the best of both worlds. You’ll pedal your way to work and can stop for a leisurely sip at every stop sign. Cup holders for bikes are also great for keeping water and sports drinks close at hand on longer rides. You won’t have to avoid more challenging trails because there isn’t room in your backpack for an extra water bottle.

Cup Holder Features

At sixthreezero, we make sure our cup holders can do it all. Cyclists like you deserve an accessory that can handle hot and cold drinks without spilling or dripping. Our cup holders have:

  • Handlebar mounting. Your cup holder can quickly attach to almost any set of handlebars. That puts the cup holder within reach at all times.
  • Insulated lining. We believe all bicycle cup holders should keep cold things cold and hot things hot. So our cup holders are insulated.
  • Snug fit. A 12-ounce can fits perfectly into our bike cup holders. But you can also hold water bottles and other beverages snugly (in other words, they won’t jostle or fall out while you ride).

Cup Holder Uses

Not sure you really need a cup holder? If your strategy of holding a water bottle under one arm while you ride is working out for you… then you’re more coordinated than the average person. But seriously, a bike cup holder is always the safest and most convenient way to bring a beverage on your journey. Cup holders work for hot drinks, cold beverages, cans, bottles, and some thermoses. Because they’re available in so many colors, cup holders also help you personalize your ride so you can pick your bike out in a crowd.

Adding Cup Holders is Easy

We want your cycling to be rewarding, not frustrating. A cup holder that falls off once an hour or tilts to the side isn’t going to improve your cycling experience. At sixthreezero, we only offer cup holders that are easy to add to your bike and stay secure until you take them off. You can add a cup holder in just a few minutes – no trip to the bike repair shop necessary.

If you’re in search of the best cup holders for bicycles, you’ve come to the right place. We have quality holders in tons of colors available for quick purchase. While you’re here, stick around and check out our other bike accessories. From bells and mirrors to baskets and fenders, we make it easy to customize your bicycle so it’s exactly what you need.

Ready to take your bike cup holder on a new adventure? Now that you know you’ll be hydrated, the possibilities are endless. Join our Journey Club to uncover biking locations around the world and connect with other cyclists.



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