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Basket Liners

Is there anything more relaxing than a Sunday ride to the market? Maybe a jaunt to the neighbors for a barbecue. In either case, you’ll probably return home with a haul of good stuff. Adding a basket to your bicycle makes it easier to carry it.

At sixthreezero, we have wicker and metal baskets for your bike. Whether you affix the basket to the front or back of your ride, you’ll be glad you have it. Basket liners are the final addition needed to make traveling with your stuff easier than ever before.

Benefits of a Basket Liner

Basket liners are both functional and fashionable. If you’re on the fence about investing in a liner, keep in mind that bicycle basket liners can:

  • Sometimes convert from a liner to a tote bag. At sixthreezero, we sell liners that conveniently transform into a bag you can carry into the store.
  • Protect small items from falling out of a basket. Whether your basket is metal or wood, sometimes smaller belongings could fall out when you ride if you don’t have a basket liner.
  • Ties on to your basket securely. You won’t have to worry about the liner flying out when you’re riding down a hill (even when there’s nothing in the basket to weigh it down).
  • Be reversible. The liners sold on sixthreezero have a print and solid side. You can choose which side you want to show to the world on every ride. Maybe you want to show up to work with a black basket but have some fun on the weekends with a cheetah-print basket liner.

When Basket Liners Work

Basket liners are great in multiple situations. In fact, we think you’ll like them so much you’ll order a few just so you have options. Bike basket liners from sixthreezero:

  • Fit over baskets of all shapes, including round and square.
  • Are easy to insert and take out, so even kids can handle their own basket liners on family rides.
  • Are durable, so they won’t fall apart or lose their shape just because they get caught in the rain once.

Other Storage Features

In addition to liners for your bicycle basket, sixthreezero sells a variety of baskets. If you’d prefer a softer bag, you can get one of our panniers that drape over the sides of your bike. We also have side bags for smaller loads, like carrying an extra water bottle and protein snack on a long weekend ride.

Are you ready for your next trip to the store? Not if you don’t have a basket and liner on your custom sixthreezero bike! Our liners are versatile, colorful, and protect your stuff in transit. Buy your own basket and basket liner today, and you’ll never have to ride home from the store managing a tote over one arm.

Is your bicycle basket lined and ready for the road? Let’s find you a new place to explore. Join our Journey Club to uncover cycling locations around the world and connect with other riders.



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