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If you’re a serious cyclist, you know how sweaty a good ride can get. When your body gets hot, it sweats to cool you down, allowing you to feel the burn without falling over. But sweating can also leave you dehydrated if you’re not careful.

That’s where cycling water bottles come in. With a bottle of water or sports drink on hand, you can head out on a long ride without worrying about losing steam. Staying hydrated keeps you energized and cool. How much water do you need to be drinking, and what’s the best water bottle for the job? Let’s talk about it.

How Much Hydration Do You Really Need?

A lot of new cyclists assume they should be hydrating a lot before they step into the saddle. In reality, if you chug a whole bottle before you hit the trail, you’ll only be ensuring you have to stop for a bathroom break within 30 minutes. Instead, sip on a glass of water about an hour before you leave so you can absorb what you need and expel the rest before you hit the road.

Once you’re riding, take about two big gulps every 15-20 minutes. Bike water bottles make it easy to control your water intake, so they’re the perfect accessory for staying hydrated without overdoing it.

Make Hydration Easy on the Road

A bike water bottle only improves your ride if you can get to it quickly. If stopping for a drink slows you down, you’re probably less likely to remain committed to your hydration. Water bottles from sixthreezero fit neatly into a custom cup holder. In addition, our bicycle water bottles feature things like:

  • A metal cage. Cages attach to your bike frame, and your water bottle will fit perfectly inside. They’re a great alternative to a cup holder because they allow any condensation to drip away instead of pooling.
  • Tether caps. You’ll never lose your bottle’s cap again when it’s tethered to the body. You can stop and grab a refill quickly. It’s even possible to pop the cap to one side with your thumb to take larger gulps while you’re on the go.
  • Up to 28 oz. Big water bottles are convenient and perfect for long rides.
  • Tasteless materials. There’s nothing worse than a getting a taste of plastic when you go for a sip of sports drink. Our tasteless options and BPA-free water bottles are ideal.
  • Easy to squeeze plastic. Struggling with your water bottle could lead to an accident. With a water bottle that’s easy to squeeze, you get a dose of water quickly without having to take your eyes off the trail.
Now that your hydration strategy is set, you’re ready to tackle some longer trails. Join our Journey Club to uncover new locations around the globe for all types of cyclists.


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