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Water Bottle Cages

There’s nothing worse than cutting a great ride short because you’re dehydrated. But then again, stopping to pull a water bottle out of your backpack every 20 minutes is a drag. That’s why we all need a water bottle cage!

A cage attaches to mounts on your bike and holds a standard size water bottle. You can quickly reach down to access your water along your journey in most cases (depending on where your bike’s cage braze-on cage mounts are). Best of all, water bottle cages are affordable and easy to attach.

Water Bottle Cage Features

Not sure you really need a cage? If you’re going on a bike ride longer than 20-30 minutes, you should take at least a few sips of water about every 20 minutes. When it’s hot outside, it’s even more important to stay hydrated as a matter of safety. But won’t a cage look bulky on your bike and weigh you down? Not so fast, friend. Water bottle cages from sixthreezero feature:

  • Alloy construction. Our cages are made from this durable metal material, resistant to corrosion and safe to ride with in the rain.
  • Lightweight frames. Water bottle cages weigh as little as 65 grams. They won’t throw your bike off balance.
  • Thin tubing. Not only are our water bottle cages lightweight, but the tubing is 5-6mm, depending on the model. That means they’re not bulky.  
  • Multiple color options. You can get a silver or black bike water bottle cage, depending on your preference or the color of your bike frame. If you want your bottle to blend into your black bike, a black water bottle and cage are a great solution.
  • Smart engineering. Cages from sixthreezero are constructed to fit perfectly against your bike frame. You can even get one with technopolymer on one side, which provides a better gripping surface for your water bottle.

Attaching Water Bottle Cages

Most water bottle cages don’t come with mounting bolts. Once you have your cage and the bolts in hand, however, the installation process is simple. To add a bike water bottle holder to your bike:

  1. Line the holes in the cage frame up with your bike’s braze-on cage attachments. These are attachments permanently attached to your bike frame by the manufacturer specifically to carry a bottle cage.
  2. Put the bolts through the bottle cage and into the braze-on attachment.
  3. Secure the bolts tightly, making sure the cage is aligned properly with your bike’s frame (the braze-on attachments are often on the down tube).

Are you ready to hit the trails for some long rides? You should stop to take a few sips of water every 20 minutes or so, making a water bottle a necessary accessory. Water bottle cages are an affordable and secure way to carry your water with you anywhere you go!

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