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Trail cycling offers a ton of freedom. When there’s not another biker to be found, you can really tear up the dirt. When you’re navigating bike lanes, however, you need to be aware of traffic. Adding bicycle mirrors to your ride is an easy way to stay safe on the road.

At sixthreezero, we have the best bicycle mirrors for city and rural riding. Whether you’re weaving in and out of city traffic lanes on the way to work, or trying to keep an eye out for big trucks on a country road, a mirror comes in handy.

Bicycle Mirror Features

Believe it or not, not all mirrors are created equally! There’s more to a great mirror than a bit of glass. Here are some of the features worth bragging about:

  • An easy bolt mount. The best mounts are quickly adjusted so they can attach to any bike. You can also move the mount around on the bike for your convenience.
  • Unbreakable mirror faces. In the event that you get into an accident or accidentally bump your bike into the side of your garage, you don’t want the glass to shatter.
  • Red reflectors. Adding a reflector to the back of your mirror means not only are you more likely to spot traffic – they’re more apt to see you coming.

Best Uses for Bike Mirrors

Do you really need a mirror for your bicycle? We think so. Bike mirrors are good for:

  • Checking behind you before you merge out of a bike lane and into a traffic lane.
  • Remaining aware of other cyclists behind you who may be about to try and pass.
  • Checking in on your kids in a child seat on the rear of your bicycle.

In many states, cyclists are required by law to indicate their turns and follow other basic traffic rules. Having a mirror makes it easier for you to remain in compliance with driving/riding laws while staying safe.

Other Bike Safety Accessories

Mirrors for bicycles aren’t the only way to make your cycling experience safer. You can also add a phone holder so you’re always hands-free, even when you need your GPS navigation screen close at hand. Sixthreezero also offers fenders, which can sometimes keep mud from getting caught between your spokes. While you’re at it, get a tough lock for your bike. Our versatile locks will secure your bicycle to bike racks, fences, and more so it never goes missing.

At sixthreezero, we want you to make it home from every ride in one piece. Adding a mirror to your ride is one way to be a safer cyclist in every environment. Since they’re not permanent fixtures, you can always take the mirror off your bike when you’re storing it for the winter. What are you waiting for? Pick up a mirror today and then start exploring your city!

Now that your bicycle is geared up with a new mirror and more, you’re ready to hit the road. Join our Journey Club to uncover cycling locations around the world and connect with other riders.


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