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Your bicycle is one of your prized possessions. You wouldn’t leave your jewelry or passport on the sidewalk unattended, so why leave your bicycle vulnerable? Bike locks are an affordable way to secure your two-wheeled chariot at the office and on the go. You can even use a lock to keep a bike safely parked in an apartment complex or your backyard if you don’t have a garage.

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Do You Really Need a Bike Lock?

Maybe you’re still not convinced that you need a bike lock. On average, more than 180,000 bikes are stolen each year in the United States. Even in a safe neighborhood, it’s easy for someone to steal your bike. Unlike cars, which can be tracked down using their VIN and unique plates, it is nearly impossible to recover a stolen bike. A bike lock is a lot more affordable than buying a whole new bike.

Types of Bike Locks

There are three main types of bike locks, each with their own pros and cons. The good news is that locks are always being improved, so it’s getting harder than ever to pick, cut or break a lock. Here are some of the most common types of bicycle locks:

  • U-Locks: These locks are popular because they’re particularly durable. They wrap around your bike wheel on one side and a pole or bike post on the other. U-locks are famously resistant to saws and almost any measure of tampering. Many have their own locking mechanism.
  • Chain Locks: Chain locks are also resistant to theft and they work in a way that’s similar to a u-lock. However, while a u-lock has a defined shape, a chain lock is more flexible. You can wrap it around a post a few times. Be mindful of their weight – you may want to keep this kind of lock in a bike box on the rear of your bike. You’ll need to secure a chain lock with a padlock.
  • Cable Locks: These locks work like a chain lock, but instead of metal links, they consist of coiled wire covered by rubber or plastic. Cable locks have historically been easier to cut than a metal u-lock or chain, but they are getting stronger. They are also more lightweight than the alternatives.

The world of specialized bike locks is always growing. And whether you use a chain with an internalized lock or attach a sturdy padlock, your bike will always be safer when it’s locked up. When you buy a bicycle, a lock should be the first accessory you buy along with it. Even in your own garage, you may want to secure your ride so that someone can’t sneak in and take it while you have the door open.

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