Bungee Nets & Cords
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Bungee Nets & Cords

Carrying your textbooks to class or your wine and cheese to a picnic is a lot easier with a rear rack. Backpacks be gone (or at least, a whole lot lighter)! Bungee nets and cords secure your items to your rack so they don’t go flying when you hit a pothole or a bumpy dirt trail. Say goodbye to juggling your briefcase while you try to tackle a hill on the way to work.

Secure Awkward Items

When you’re bringing an odd-shaped purchase or bag of produce home from the store, things can get hairy. Before you know it, you’re chasing an apple through the street. A bungee cargo net can change the game. Cargo nets:

  • Have a web strap system that fits over packages of almost any shape.
  • Hook easily onto your rear rack in seconds.
  • Fit most racks without the need for extensions or adaptors.
  • Measure about 13 x 13 for full coverage over most baskets.

Tie Down Baskets and Boxes

In some cases, covering your stuff isn’t the best strategy. That’s where bike bungee cords can save the day. Much like you might secure a surfboard or piece of furniture to a truck bed with bungee straps, stretchy cords can do wonders for bikes. When you add bungee cords to your transportation habits, you can:

  • Tie baskets to your rear rack to reinforce them for a long ride.
  • Keep metal storage boxes secured when you know you’re going to be filling them to the brim.
  • Use cords in combination with other accessories, such as surfboard attachments for peace of mind.

Bungee Cord Features

Bungee cords and nets have a few advantages over baskets and pannier bags alone. They not only add security to your haul, but they are versatile. Here are a few of our favorite features of bungee ties and nets:

  • Adjustability. Our bungee cords can stretch from 6-60 inches, so you always have enough length for the job. The nets can also be attached in varying ways to accommodate your specific load.
  • Stretch. The stretch factor of bungee cords means your belongings don’t have to fit perfectly in the rack. Your cord or net will stretch over the top and rein them in.
  • Hooks. Bungee hooks are strong enough to hold down your stuff and engineered to attach to any rack. Even better, the hooks on our bungee products won’t damage your bike rack.
  • At sixthreezero, we believe your bike should adapt to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Stop leaving stuff at home because your bike can’t handle the load. Turn your bike into a vehicle capable of transporting everything from groceries to skateboards! With a bungee net and set of cords on your side, you’ll never be stuck wearing tote bags on your way home again.

    With your new bungee net in hand, you’re ready to tackle some new terrain. Sixthreezero has a few suggestions for you. Join our Journey Club to uncover new locations around the globe for all types of cyclists.


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