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Crossbar Adapters

If you have a women’s bike with a dropped crossbar or another bicycle with a non-traditional frame, fitting your bike on a car rack could present trouble. You either forgo bringing your bike along for your camping trip, or you put it on the rack anyway. If you choose the latter, your bike could be less secure and damage your trunk in transit. 

Luckily, you don’t have to choose between these two unideal options. A crossbar adapter for cars makes it easy to put any bike on a standard car rack. 

Do You Need an Adapter?

How do you know if you really need a crossbar adapter? Most women’s bikes could benefit from one, and some other types of specialty bikes could too. A full-suspension bike or a bicycle that you’ve altered to a non-traditional shape may also lack the crossbar required to use bicycle carriers. Any time you don’t have a standard horizontal crossbar on your bike, an adapter will come in handy. 

How Crossbar Adapters Work

A crossbar adapter fits between the top tube and seatpost. It tightens in place becoming a temporary part of your bike. Once your crossbar is attached, you can hang your bike on a car rack or garage rack just like you would a bike with a permanent crossbar. You could also use an adapter if you have a low crossbar or you just don’t want to risk damaging your bike’s crossbar on a hook or rack. 

Crossbar Adapter Features

Now that you know you need a crossbar adapter, what do you look for? 

Durability: You want a crossbar adapter you can count on. It’s worth investing in a crossbar made of durable metal. Hooks coated in vinyl or another strong plastic will keep the ends from damaging your bike and also protect the ends of the crossbar adapter so it lasts longer. 

Adjustability: Not all bike frames have the same measurements. It’s important that your crossbar adapter can adjust to fit your bike perfectly. That’s why your crossbar should be adjustable, telescoping out to the exact length that you need for a good fit. An adjustable crossbar should also lock into place. 

Portability: A lightweight crossbar is better than a hefty accessory. You can carry the adapter on your bike or leave it in the car – but you don’t want it to be cumbersome. Stick with something that’s easy to lift and install. 

Ready to take your bicycle on an adventure far from home? Stop letting a quirky bike frame get in the way! Shop a crossbar adapter online for yourself and start hauling your favorite bicycle to that trailhead you’ve been waiting to explore. While you’re on the sixthreezero site, check out our other bike accessories, including baskets, car racks, and lights. 

Now that you have found your crossbar adapter for sale, you’re ready to take on the world atop two wheels! Join our Journey Club to uncover biking locations around the world and connect with other cyclists.



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Crossbar Adapters