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Pet Accessories

Every time you grab your helmet, Fido looks at you with sad eyes. If you’re tired of being guilt-tripped, maybe you’re ready to bring him along for the ride. Pet accessories like carriers make it possible!

Dog bike carriers are fun for your pet (he can smell the sights and sounds along the way) and easier for you since you don’t have to carry your doggie and ride super slow. Plus, they’re the safest way to transport a four-legged friend.

Pet Safety While Riding

Cycling is meant for the whole family. And who said that had to exclude the furriest members of your household? Not us, that’s for sure! We’re all about bringing your pets on hikes, trail rides, and days in the park. And while you can wear another pet carrier across your body on a bike ride, securing a carrier to a rear rack is the better option.

Your pets are safer when they’re riding in a carrier approved for bikes because:

  • While your pet is secured on the back of the bike you can focus on the road. Fewer distractions mean you’re able to navigate with your full attention.
  • These carriers strap onto your rear rack. That means your pet isn’t going anywhere, even as you scale inclines or go around a lot of turns.
  • Most small pets have plenty of room to lay down while they’re in the carrier. They can be comfortable and safe at the same time! You can even throw their favorite toy in the carrier to keep them company.

Pet Carrier Features

The expandable dog bicycle carriers on sixthreezero can hold dogs up to 15 pounds. But wait, there’s more! Our dog carriers for cyclists are full of other cool features.

  • Unfolding sides. When you arrive at your destination, just fold the carrier down so your pet can have more room to play until you’re ready to let him run free.
  • Fleece pad. The inside of the carrier has a cozy fleece pad so your dog is comfy while he’s in transit.
  • Multiple zippers. You can release your pet from the top, front, or side of the carrier thanks to a ton of zippered panels.
  • Mesh. The mesh netting on the front and top let the pet see and smell her surroundings at all times. This can make the ride better for anxious animals.
  • Multiple attachment points. Our pet carriers not only strap onto your rear rack, but they have a seat-post strap for added security. Fido isn’t going anywhere!

When you want to bring your pet on the go, pet bike carriers are the best solution for cyclists. They’re safe, comfortable, and affordable. You can even choose a color that matches your bike frame and style. What are you waiting for? Start planning your next all-family outing to the park right now!

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