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You have the right seat for your new cruiser and your basket is ready to go to the market. Have you checked the pedals to make sure they’re the right fit? Some pedals are made for slow rides while others have more teeth for off-roading adventures.

At sixthreezero, we sell pedals for almost any kind of bike. From 1/2- to 9/16-inch pedals, we can help you outfit your crew’s pedal forward bikes so you’re trail ready.

Best Pedals for Beach Cruisers

The ideal beach cruiser pedals for leisure riding support forward pedaling. This type of pedaling relies on a Freewheel construction, a mechanism that propels you forward when you pedal and stops forward motion when you move the pedals backward. 

These pedals are often flat and thick, so they’re easy to ride wearing flip flops at the beach or even barefoot around the cul-de-sac. 

Road Bike Pedals

Road bike pedals have a bit more texture to the top. Some bikes may allow you to lock your shoes into the pedals, but at the very least there should be some teeth on the top for your shoes to grip to. You don’t want to slide forward when you’re racing down a steep hill. Some road bike pedals are also a bit thinner than standard cruiser pedals. 

Easy Assembly Pedals

We don’t want you to struggle with your new cruiser bike pedals. We’d never want to cut into your picnic, beach, or park time. That’s why we make sure our pedals are easy to put onto your bicycle. Just unscrew and remove the old ones, then twist the new ones into place. Just like that, you’re ready to go for a spin. You can have your new pedals installed and be on the road in just a few minutes. 

Best Pedal Features

Don’t know what to look for in a new pedal? Here are some features to keep in mind:

  • Reflectors. Putting reflectors on all sides of your bike and a headlight on the front helps other people see you. An extra set of reflectors on your pedals keeps you safer in all conditions, but especially at night. 
  • One-Piece Design. Pedals made out of a single mold are durable and reliable. They can’t easily break apart. If you want to use the same pedals for many years (and who doesn’t?), a one-piece design is a good choice. 
  • Loose Ball Bearings. Pedal bearings can either be sealed or loose. Loose ball bearings make pedaling smoother. For cruiser bikes, they’re a great choice. 

Sixthreezero has pedals for sale for all types of riders. Whether you want a flat pedal or one with more teeth, check out our inventory of 1/2-inch and 9/16-inch pedals. Once your pedals are ready to go, check out our selection of new bike seats, wheels, and other accessories. 

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