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Your bike rims are an essential part of your cycling operation. When a rim bends, your tire can stop being functional. When rims do their job, you can safely navigate almost any route – including one that takes you over potholes, around sharp turns, and up steep hills. 

Some cyclists spend a lot of money on their tires but neglect their rims, but we know you’re smarter than that. At sixthreezero, we sell rims for single-, 3-, and 7-speed bikes. No matter your style of cycling, we can outfit your ride with new and colored rims that make your wheels stronger and show off your style. 

Bike Rim Functions

Your bike rims are the metal circles that sit between your tires and the wheel spokes. You might say they hold the entire operation together. We do. It’s important to invest in quality rims for sale because these vital bike parts:

  • Hold the tire onto the wheel. Your rims are the only reason your tire remains connected to your bike. They serve as the backbone of the wheel. 
  • Anchor spoke heads. While your tire sits on the outer edge of a rim, spokes connect to the inner circle. Without strong rims, your wheel spokes could come loose or get warped. 
  • Support rim brakes. On some bikes, the brake pads apply pressure to the rim to slow the wheels down. 

Sixthreezero Rim Options

Not only do bike rims serve an important function, but they can also offer a chance to show off your personality on the road. Telling your cruiser apart from the others on your office bike rack is a lot easier when you have baby blue rims, don’t you think? At sixthreezero, our rim options include:

  • Tons of colors. One of the things riders love most about our rims is the number of fun colors they’re available in. Brown, gold, and white are just the beginning. You can also get rims in lime green, purple, red, mint green, and more. 
  • Black spokes. Some of our rims also come with black spokes instead of the traditional silver. When you want to give your wheels a dramatic makeover, this is the only way to go. 
  • Rims for all speeds. Sixthreezero rims are available for single, 3-, and 7-speed bikes. Our rims will also work on bikes with 21 speeds. All of our rims are designed for standard 26-inch wheels, and they’ll work with standard tires or upgraded ones. 

Are you ready to give your bike a much-needed update? Shop rims at Sixthreezero. Giving your ride new rims can be a style upgrade as well as a functional one. Whether you’re on the hunt for new rims because your current model is too dull or you experienced a taco-ed tire and your current rims are done for – we’ve got your back. 

Now that your wheels are sporting fresh custom bicycle rims, you’re ready to get back on the trail. Why not try something new? Join our Journey Club to uncover biking locations around the world and connect with other cyclists.



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