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You’d be nowhere without your bicycle seat. Well, technically you’d be somewhere. But you’d never get anywhere with just a bike frame and a couple of wheels. Your seat is your key to exploration. Given how much time you’ll be spending on it, you might as well get a bike saddle that fits your butt like a glove. The best bike seats are comfortable and stand the test of time.

Finding the Right Seat

Are you unhappy with your current bike’s seat? Maybe it’s too short, or maybe there isn’t enough padding. Either way, you’re in the market for a new saddle. You’ll find a ton of options out there for men’s and women’s bikes, and there are also unisex cruiser seats that work for most adult riders.

When you’re on the hunt for bicycle seats, there are a few variables to keep in mind. Look for:

  • Comfort. First and foremost, your bike seat has to feel good. If it’s too small, for instance, you’ll spend your entire ride thinking about the pain in your backside. Carefully consider the seat width and length when you’re shopping.
  • Utility. Your bike has to work for you. You’re the boss! Not all saddle shapes are right for all types of cycling. If you’re aiming for speed, a narrow seat allows for faster pedaling without interference. For casual riding, a wide seat better balances your weight.
  • Style. Finally, you want a bike seat that looks great on your bicycle. Explore different colors and patterns when you’re looking for a new seat. Complement a teal frame with a bright white seat, or pair a white frame with a black seat for a classic look.

Bicycle Seat Features

What’s in a seat? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. Understanding how a seat works will make you a more informed shopper. Here are the main parts of any bike seat:

  • Shell. This is the core of the seat. It defines the shape of your saddle and provides the foundation – it should be strong. Most shells are made of nylon.
  • Cut-outs. Many seats have grooves or cut-outs in the center. These cut-outs reduce the pressure to your bum when you’re seated. They can also keep you cooler.
  • Padding. The amount of padding keeps you comfortable. If your riding style doesn’t have you leaning forward, you’ll probably want a seat with ample cushion.
  • Cover. The cover of your seat protects the interior and offers a touch of style. Try a sleek leather seat cover for a fun look.

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