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2021 Best Electric Bikes for Short Riders

If you fall outside the average measurements of most folks, you know that sizing items are...

How to Bike Uphill - With & Without an Electric Bike

Getting started when biking uphill, it's going to be hard when you start off, especially if...

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Bike Benefits How Biking Can Improve Your Fitness at All Ages

Now that spring is here, it's sunny, you definitely want to get that vitamin D and...

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Learning How to Brake Safely and Effectively Bike Safety Tips

When releasing the brakes, you want to reverse the process. So, first release the front brake,...

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How to Ride a Tricycle Trike Guide

So trikes have a wider turn radius. They're wider. They have the three wheels. So you're...

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How to Turn a Tricycle Sixthreezero Trike Guide

Before we get started into the actual turning, make sure that when you're practicing, you're practicing...

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How to Shift Gears on a 7 Speed Adult Tricycle When You Should Shift Gears

 After a stop, you're going to need to quickly get back into movement, so to do...

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How to Brake on a Tricycle Sixthreezero Trike Guide

We have a few different trike videos that go through the different aspects of riding a trike,...

Do Electric Bikes Have Gears? E-Bike Questions

So let's answer the question, do electric bikes have gears? Now, this is an interesting question...

Can You Remove the Battery from an Electric Bike | E-Bike Questions

Are e-bike batteries removable, or can you remove an e-bike battery? Now, I'm going to speak...

Buying an Electric Bike in 2021 E-Bike Questions

There's a lot of global demand being placed on bicycle factories, which has actually created a...

What's the Electric Bike Assembly Process E-Bike Questions

Let's talk about assembling an electric bicycle and how to assemble an electric bike. Now, as...



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