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Keeping your bicycle rust free and in good shape means it’s always primed for a ride. And if you keep your bike outside when you’re not riding it, you might be surprised at how quickly it can accrue dirt, dust, and rust spots. You might also have to ride a scorching hot bike during the summer months. And no one wants to burn their bum on a hot bike seat. 

You can avoid these issues and more with one simple purchase: a bike cover. At sixthreezero, our bike covers for sale keep your bicycle ready to ride, all the time. 

Bike Cover Uses

There are lots of reasons to use a bike cover and there are lots of places to use one. If you’re on the fence about buying a bike cover to store your two-wheeled chariot, check out all the times it will come in handy:

  • Garage Storage: If you keep your bike in your garage, it’s protected from most elements. Still, dust and dirt can accrue and a cover keeps your bike cleaner. 
  • Patio and Deck Storage: When your bicycle sits on your back patio all day, it can experience sun damage and get too hot to ride. It’s also subjected to rain, hail, and extreme wind and could use the protection of a cover. 
  • Discrete Balcony Storage: Keeping your bike on an exposed balcony could tempt a thief or displease your HOA. Cover your bike so the storage is a bit more discrete. 
  • Winter Storage: Does your bike go in a shed for the winter? A cover protects it from dust, potential roof leaks in your shed, and could keep critters away. 

Best Bike Cover Features

So, what do you look for in a sixthreezero bike cover? Some covers will keep your bike safer than others – certainly much more protected than throwing an old sheet or tarp over the top of your bicycle. A great bike cover has:

  • Water-Resistance. A water-resistant cover wicks off rain, snow, and other weather. This type of material won’t soak up the rain, which could lead to mold or mildew build up. 
  • A Drawstring. Having a drawstring at the bottom means you can pull the cover tighter around your bike, which keeps it better protected. 
  • Plenty of Room. The right cover should accommodate all standard-size frames and have a little extra room (in case you add a basket or other accessories to your bicycle). 
  • Durable Material. The material for your bike cover should be malleable, but it also needs to be strong. Long-term bike storage must stand up to wind, rain, sun, and animals. 

With your bicycle in tip-top shape, you’re ready to hit the road (or trail). At sixthreezero, we have everything you need to make a successful bike adventure. From lights and baskets to car racks, shop bike covers and our accessories and then set off on your next ride. 

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