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Patch Kits

You’re riding through a state park, hit an unexpected pothole, and suddenly your tire starts thudding along. Uh-oh. You could walk your bike back to the car, but that will take forever. Enter your trusty patch kit. 

Patching your tire on the go is a smart temporary solution. A patch gets you back to safety, whether that’s home or your SUV. Keeping a patch kit on your bike at all times ensures that you’re always prepared for an on-the-fly repair. At sixthreezero, our patch kits solutions range from spare tubes to slime patches. 

What’s in a Patch Kit?

What makes the best patch kit? We’re glad you asked. There are some key ingredients to a good kit that help you ride with better peace of mind. 

  • Tire Lever. If the damage is to your tire tube, and not the tire itself, a tire lever helps you separate the tire from the rim to access the inner tube. 
  • CO2 Inflator. When you experience a puncture on a ride, a CO2 inflator saves the day. Instead of pumping the tire manually, this inflator refills the tire quickly. 
  • Tube Sealant. Before you refill a tire or tube, you’ll want to fix the hole. One way to do that is by spraying in some tube sealant. 
  • Tube Patches. Tube and tire patches are another way to seal up a hole temporarily until a more permanent fix or replacement can be done. 
  • Nylon Case. Storing all your supplies in a single bike bag means you have everything on hand and won’t leave a vital tool back in the car. 

Other Bike Safety Accessories

While you’re patching your tire or tube on the side of a trail, some other accessories could come in handy. At sixthreezero, we’re happy to sell an array of bike accessories that keep you safe in all situations. Check out our selection of: 

  • Locks. Keeping your bike locked up is always a good idea. You may want to carry your lock with you, in case you need to temporarily lock up your bike where it is after a tire puncture. 
  • Lights. Riding at dawn or dusk can be a bit risky. Equip your bike with ample front and rear lights so everyone sees you coming, and vehicles know they’re approaching you from behind. 
  • Fenders. You may be able to avoid some tire and tube punctures by installing fenders on your bike tires. They certainly help deflect water, dust, and other stuff that can jam your wheel spokes. 

Are you ready to take your bike on an adventure to parts unknown? Always travel prepared! A bike patch kit for sale can be used to fix tire punctures and damaged tubes when you’re in a pinch. Pro tip: familiarize yourself with how to use the kit before you actually need to use it. Write down the steps to fixing a flat and keep it on hand with your kit at all times. 

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