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Cramming your bike into your back seat isn’t worth the hassle. Plus, it limits you from bringing a group of friends or your entire family on your outing. Car racks are the best way to bring your bicycle along for a road trip, camping expedition, or just a Saturday trip to the national park. 

Whether you have a small compact car or a large SUV, you can use a car rack to lug your bike to and from your adventures. Most racks can even accommodate multiple bicycles. 

Here’s what you need to know about buying a car rack for sale from sixthreezero: 

Why You Need a Car Rack

You might not think you need a car rack at all. After all, you can just throw your chariot onto the back seat or the bed of your friend’s truck, right? Hold on, partner. There are a few holes in your plan. Not only can you potentially damage your bicycle by not securing it properly on a rack, but you could also damage your vehicle. A bike that slides around on the back of a truck isn’t great for the bike frame or the condition of the truck bed. 

Not using a car rack could also mean you sacrifice meaningful space in your car. If you’re headed on a road trip and your bike takes up the entire back seat, your friends will have to hold on to the bumper or die trying. Using a rack frees up the rest of your car for suitcases and people (you know, some pretty important stuff). 

Finally, jerry-rigging your bike to the roof of your car can get you into a lot of trouble. Will you be able to fit your SUV into a parking lot with your bike taped to the top? Or worse, what will you do if your bike goes sailing down the freeway because it wasn’t secured right? You can avoid a lot of stress and drama by just buying a car rack, already.

Types of Car Racks

There are a few different types of car racks for bicycles. Some fit on your roof, some on your trunk, and some to that hitch you never thought you’d have a use for. The type of rack that’s right for your car may depend on a few factors. Where will you be driving? How many bikes do you need to bring along for the ride? How big is your vehicle? Let’s break down the basics:

  • Roof Racks: These racks fit on top of your car; if you already have a factory-installed rack, you may only need a bike mount. Roof racks give you full visibility out of all your windows and won’t obstruct your trunk. However, it can be hard to lift a bike that far over your head and you can forget about parking underground while your bikes are in the rack. 
  • Trunk Racks: You can put a trunk rack on when you need it and take it off when you don’t. And they’re easy to install. A set of hooks slides over the top of your trunk (between the trunk and the back window), and another set of hooks fit over the bottom edge of the trunk. Once you close the trunk and tighten the straps, you can put your bike(s) on the metal rack. 
  • Hitch Racks: A hitch rack slides into your hitch receiver. They usually have adapters available, in case you have a particularly large hitch receiver. You just bolt the rack into place using the holes that are pre-drilled in your hitch, and you’re ready to go. 

Car Rack Features

There are some features to look for in a good car rack. You want your bike to be secure, remain scratch-free, and be easy to get on and off the rack. Here are some quality features worth investing in:

  • Rubber Cradles- When your bike is cradled by soft rubber in the rack, it won’t rub against the rack tubes and get scratched when you go over a pothole. 
  • Steel Tubing-  Steel is durable, reliable, and strong enough to handle the weight of multiple bikes. 
  • Day Glow Safety- A car rack with a flag or sticker is easier to identify in the dark, so the people driving behind you will be aware of your extra load. 

Are you ready to take your bikes on a new adventure? With the best car rack from sixthreezero, you’re ready to hit the road on your way to an exciting trailhead far from home. Our car racks online are affordable, versatile, and easy to install by yourself!

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