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Child Seats

Just because you have a child in tow now doesn’t mean your bike spokes should start collecting rust. Thanks to child bike seats, you can still visit your favorite spots via bike with your little one on board. A kids’ bike seat will secure a small passenger to your adult bike. This allows you to continue your cycling lifestyle even after you’ve added another family member to the mix.

Front vs. Rear Child Bike Seats

When it comes to the best bike seats for kids, there are two main styles: front and rear. Front bike seats sit just behind your handlebars, between your arms. This gives you constant visibility of your child and you can even wrap your arm around them if you need or want to. Rear bike seats sit either right on your back wheel or attach to a rear rack. When children sit on the back of the bike, there is more room for their legs. These seats tend to have better suspension support.

Child Weight and Age

As you might guess, smaller children are better suited for the front of the bike while bigger kids should sit in the rear. As you’re deciding which child bike seat to choose, weight may be the single most important factor. Front child bike seats can usually accommodate up to 33 pounds. This means your child will probably age out of a front seat at about 3 years old.

Rear child bike seats, on the other hand, can handle almost 50 pounds. You can often keep a child in a rear seat on your own bike until they’re at least 5 years old. While a rear seat offers you less accessibility to your child, an older kid may not need as much attention.

Riding Safely

Whether you’re picking up your first child seat or searching for a kids’ bike seat replacement, safety should be a top priority. If you choose a front seat, consider getting one with a windshield. If you’re riding on a breezy day, a wind guard gives your child a much more comfortable experience and keeps dust out of their eyes.

Get a seat with shock absorption for your rear child bike seat if you’re going to leave paved roads for a nature trail adventure. And always consider the weight distribution as needed. If you’re going to be riding down big hills, for instance, it may be safer for everyone if a 30-pound child is in the rear so the bike isn’t front heavy.

Are you in the market for a new child bike seat? Safety and functionality are the names of the game. At sixthreezero, many of our adult bikes can accommodate child bike seats. Stop driving to the farmers market when you can still cycle there in peace! Getting kids comfortable on a bike early in life may also make them more open to the outdoors for life.  

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