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Whether you’re tired of keeping your phone in your bag as you ride through the city on your favorite cruiser bike or have already dealt with problems from trying to carry your phone during your two-wheel commute, at sixthreezero we are here for you. Among our many winning bike accessories for sale are some of the best bike phone mounts on the planet. Yep, the planet!

Phone Holder Features

The right bike mount cell phone holder will change the way you commute. A bad one will send your smartphone flying when you come to an abrupt stop. The phone holders on the sixthreezero site are packed with useful features, including:

  • Universal designs that work with almost any smartphone
  • Phone cradles that allow you easy access to the screen of your phone
  • Easy attachment so you can add or remove the phone holder as needed
  • Access to your phone’s jack so you can still use headphones where it is legal to do so
  • Mounts that are compatible with all handlebars so your phone is always within sight while you ride

Phone holders work in a variety of environments. They are a great way to navigate a new trail route, for one. Just pull up your map on your phone and you can quickly get eyes on it at any point. A phone holder is also ideal for city riding. You can check texts on your way to work so you’re not the only one who shows up unprepared for a last-minute all-hands meeting.

Talk Hands-Free for Safety

Having access to your phone while you ride isn’t just great for checking the GPS or playing music – you can also answer calls on the fly. But did you know you could be ticketed in some places if you answer your phone while you’re pedaling? States like California and Florida are cracking down on the use of headphones and phones while cycling.

Anything could happen while you’re fiddling to answer a call while you sail down a hill. It’s not worth it! Mounting your phone to your bike means you can connect via a single Bluetooth earbud or talk over speakerphone. You’re still available to be reached, and you’re safe. Plus, you’ll avoid citations in cities where you’re not allowed to be holding a phone at all.

Look no further for a top-notch bike mount holder for your phone. Our models include a rotating holder and a water-resistant pack with a zipper closure. Since the holders are easy to take on and off, you can share your phone holder with your family or get each member their own. Bike phone holders keep you safe and make your bicycle more functional than ever! 

One Phone Holder, Many Uses

Perhaps you need a phone mount for your custom beach cruiser so you can listen to your favorite tunes as you glide around your favorite shore town, or you want to use a fitness app to help you track how many miles you’ve ridden. Maybe you want to listen to the local news on your way to work...whatever your reason for needing the best bike phone mount in existence, we are happy to help. Our bike accessories are designed to make your ride easier and even more fun than it already is.

Take a look at our phone holder or any of our other accessories to see what will go perfectly with your custom Around the Block or Paven’ Trail model. Have fun shopping!

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