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Are you looking for awesome and affordable beach cruiser bike accessories to customize out your ride? If so, youve come to the right place. Sixthreezero offers an assortment of cool accessories to customize all of our bicycles for sale. From bike baskets by Sunlite, bike bells, leather grips, beam bug lights, and many other accessories, we have everything you need to personalize your bike to your exact liking.

Fenders, Lights, and Rims, Oh My!

From glossy fenders and sleek rims to lights to keep you safe and baskets to hold all of your stuff, weve got you covered. All of our accessories are specifically designed for our beach cruiser bikes, and with you in mind. Whether youre seeking a stylish bicycle basket to hold all of your belongings as you cruise about town or a colorful fender to set you apart from the crowd, sixthreezeros bike accessories are affordable and cater to any of the bikes that we sell, making assembly a breeze.

We Build Bikes With You In Mind

Building beach cruisers is our passion. All of our bikes are personally assembled from the ground up, creating the ultimate riding machine that is both comfortable and characteristically beautiful. Whether youre seeking a hybrid bike for commuting to work in the city or a classic cruiser for a leisurely trip to the beach, check out the huge variety and selection on our website.

Accessories for Safer Riding

Some of our bike accessories are just for show (hello bright blue rims), but others help you arrive safely at your destination every time. After you pick out your new chariot, pick up a few of these safety accessories:


Can cars and other pedestrians see you on the road? Maybe, maybe not. Unless you have a piercing headlight on your bike, that is. 


Self-healing bike tubes can withstand most punctures without going flat. That means you won’t get stranded far from the trailhead. 

Patch Kits:

If your tire does hit a nail in the bike lane, and the tube goes kaput, could you patch the wheel? With a patch kit you can. 


Lights help other riders and drivers see you – and mirrors help you see them for safer navigation. 

Take Your Bicycle Where It’s Never Been

With the right accessories, you can cover new ground. If you’ve been avoiding the national park because it’s too far away or you stay in when it rains – that can all change with the right bike additions. 

Car Racks:

This is one of the best bike accessories you can invest in. A good rack lets you take your bicycle anywhere your car or truck can fit. 


Stop being afraid to ride in the rain or explore mixed terrain. Fenders keep moisture and dirt from clogging up your spokes. 

Car Seats:

If your bike has been in the garage since you had a baby, you can hit the road again with a car seat for the front or rear of your bicycle. 


Want to keep track of your speed, distance, and other ride data? You can push the limits and track your personal best milestones with a bike computer.

Safe and Secure

When you're cruising down the street on your bike, safety should always be the first thing on your mind. Not only do you need to make sure you're riding safely, you also need to properly equip your bike for various conditions. One of the best ways to make sure your bike is always helping you stay safe on the road is to equip it with the right cruiser bike accessories. It can be hard to see when you're riding at night, but good lights make it easy to see everything in front of you even when it's totally dark out. Even more important, having a light on your bike makes you easily identifiable to drivers on the road, so they'll know to slow down when you're coming their way. Grips are another great accessory if you're looking to make your riding experience a little better and stay safe on the road.

Security is another thing you need to focus on if you don't want your cruiser bike to get stolen when you lock it up. Unfortunately, this is a reality you have to face when you own a nice bicycle. The best way to make sure your bike is always secured no matter where you go is to invest in a good bike lock, and you'll find lots of them among our selection of cruiser bicycle accessories. You can't simply trust any cheap old bike lock to keep your bike safe, which is why we carry a range of locks from various big names. Our Securit Spyne Armor locks are designed with a protective sleeve over most of the lock to help prevent scratching and other damage locks may cause to your bike. In addition to this, you have your choice between combination and key locks, so you can find a bike lock that fits your needs without having to sacrifice quality or security.

Added Convenience

As awesome as it is have a bike that you can ride around town, it's also a real pain to lose all that cargo space you get with a car. Thankfully, you'll find tons of great panniers, bags, baskets among the beach cruiser accessories at sixthreezero. We understand how tough it can be to have nowhere to put your things while you're riding, so we make sure you have additional storage options no matter what you're looking to take with you. Baskets are great for quick trips but bags and panniers can help protect your belongings from the rain on longer rides. We've even got cup holders you can attach to your bike so you can always have a drink close at hand.

Complete Comfort

Let's face it—bike seats aren't always the most comfortable. What's even worse is having an old seat that's wearing out and losing its padding. The good news is, you can fix this problem without a ton of time or money spent by simply picking up a new seat for your bike. And when you shop for all your beach cruiser bicycle accessories at sixthreezero, you get access to high-quality bike seats that are designed to offer total comfort for long cruises. You can even shop around a bit to make sure you're getting a seat that fits your specific needs and preferences, so your next ride can be your best ride.

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