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Panniers & Bags

We bet you already knew you could attach a wicker basket to the front of your bike, but have you considered your other options? Panniers are the saddlebags you usually see on horses, donkeys, and other beasts of burden. But they also work well for securing your stuff on a bicycle.

Bike pannier bags and other bike bags are not just convenient – they keep you safe. Riding with a heavy backpack or juggling a tote while you pedal isn’t the best idea. At sixthreezero, we have panniers to fit a variety of cycling lifestyles.

Benefits of Panniers

Panniers typically fit over the back of your bike. Other bags may be designed to fit on the side of your bike. Either way, these on-bike storage solutions are convenient and last a long time. Panniers are a smart way to carry your stuff because:

  • They often have a waterproof coating, so you can ride home in the rain without your purchases getting sopping wet.
  • A Velcro hook mount that makes attaching the pannier to your bike frame a breeze.
  • Reflective accents so cars can see you coming, keeping you safer on the road.
  • A carrying handle so you can use the bag even when it’s not strapped to your bike.

How to Use Your Bike Bags

The best bike panniers are ones that can hold a lot of stuff without throwing off your balance. The safest way to use your pannier is with equal weight on both sides, positioned near the rear of your bike. This gives your body a chance to balance the weight of your bags toward the front. Grocery bags are easily carried on the rear of your bike; again, this helps balance the weight and means your bags won’t be in the way when you’re steering.

Other Storage Solutions

When you’re out camping or on an extended trip, a bike bag may not be enough storage space. On the other hand, it could be too much when you’re just running to the park. Don’t worry, we always have you covered. In addition to panniers and side bags, you can use wicker baskets and locked rear boxes to bring your belongings along for the ride. Or, feel free to use any combination of these solutions.

The best panniers and storage bags are right here on sixthreezero. Hold your farmers market finds, shop a yard sale and ride home with your stuff neatly tucked away, or upgrade your snack storage. No matter how you use bike panniers and other bags, they make your ride a whole lot easier. Since bags are easy to add and remove, you can even share a pannier between your family members. What are you waiting for? Stop juggling your grocery tote on one arm and your purse on the other.

Are you ready to see what your new pannier is made of? Gather up some snacks and a picnic blanket and hit the trail! Join our Journey Club to uncover cycling locations around the world and connect with other riders.



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