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Your bike is one of your best friends. At least, that’s the way we see it at sixthreezero. And you won’t leave your friend out in the rain without offering her a towel once she gets inside, right? Your bike deserves regular care and maintenance. If you allow rust to thrive and the chains to become loose, you’re in for trouble. Fortunately, with a kit containing some basic bike assembly tools, you can remain safe even if you get a flat while you’re on the go.

Common Bike Tools

If you’re new to cycling, you might not know what to keep in your garage for bike repair. What about what you should bring with you on every ride? These tools for bikes are a great place to start your bike repair and maintenance kit:

  • Tire Tubes: The tubes inside your tires don’t last forever. If one tears while you’re out on a bike ride, you could get stuck with a flat. Keep an extra tube with you when you’re out riding just in case you need to replace the tire tube on the go.
  • Tire Lever: A tire lever makes removing your tire from the wheel easier. Whether you’re putting on brand new tires or fixing a tube, you’ll be glad this little tool is on hand.
  • Patch Kit: Patching a tire or a tube when it pops is a necessary repair. These patches aren’t a long-term solution, but they will get you a few miles back to safety. Bring one with you whenever you go farther from home than you’d want to walk back.
  • Chain Brush: You should wipe down your chain and spokes at the end of a particularly wet or muddy ride. A chain brush helps you get between chain links when you’re cleaning up.
  • Chain Lubrication: Chains should also be lubricated on a regular basis to keep your pedaling smooth and safe.
  • Wrench Set: You’ll also need an Allen wrench set for adjusting the brakes and drivetrain.

Maintenance Schedule

Your bike may not need a ton of maintenance, especially if it’s a single speed. But it’s still responsible to stay on schedule for cleaning, lubing, and adjusting your bike. Bicycle fitting tools can’t do you any good when they’re in the garage getting dusty. Some maintenance, like checking tire pressure, should take place at the end of each ride. Other tasks, like wiping down the frame and re-lubing the chain, can be done monthly. Check your tires and brackets every six months or so.

Are you a responsible rider? You’re about to be. With the right tools from sixthreezero and a plan, you can keep your bicycle in excellent shape for years to come. A bike that is treated with love will need fewer adjustments and love you right back. Buy some new tools and plan your maintenance schedule today!

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