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Your bicycle will become a part of your regular routine. At least, we hope it will. You may end up ditching your car keys and commuting to the office every day! Lights mean you can safely maneuver around your city early in the morning or after the sun goes down for the day. Paired with reflectors, bike lights help you see and be seen so you always make it home in one piece. Whether you need cruiser bicycle lights or wheel lights for your 21-speed, sixthreezero has recommendations for staying safe in style.

Types of Bike Lighting

There are three main types of bike lights, and most will fit on nearly any brand or make of bicycle. The majority of bike lights send out a bright white light. If you’re looking to stay safe and seen on the road, you should attach the following lights to your bicycle:

Front lights: Front lights attach to your handlebars. They illuminate the path before you, so you can spot obstacles with time to avert them. Front lights also alert drivers and pedestrians who are ahead of you on the trail/road that you are fast approaching.

Rear lights: Bulbs for the back of your bike are especially important if you’re riding in a bike lane. Cars often use bike lanes as a turn lane when they’re vacant, so you want to let vehicles know the lane is occupied.

Wheel lights: These lights fit on the inside of your wheels, but they don’t interfere with your tires. Monkey lights are one popular type of wheel lights that illuminate your spokes as you pedal.

Light Laws

Did you know almost every state in the U.S. requires cyclists to equip their bikes with lights and reflectors? Keeping your bike illuminated protects you and others around you, and lights reduce accidents. Just like we can’t imagine cars taking to the road without headlights, a bike should not be in a bike lane without the ability to illuminate the path ahead.

Most states require a white front headlight, as well as a number of reflectors (which are sometimes referred to as passive lights). In California, for instance, riders must have front, rear, and side reflectors on their bicycles at all times. Check your state laws before you outfit your ride with lights and reflectors – you don’t want to get a ticket.

Traditional and custom bicycle lights keep you seeing and seen while you’re out and about. There’s no reason not to outfit your ride today. At sixthreezero, we make buying lights easy and affordable. Even better, installing lights on your bicycle is a DIY project that takes just a few minutes. You’ll be ready to take on your next route before you know it.

Is your bicycle fit with new lights and ready for a new adventure? It’s easy to find trails and paths close to home and around the country by becoming a part of a new cycling community. Join our Journey Club to uncover biking locations around the world and connect with other cyclists.



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