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Electric Bikes San Clemente
Learn More About Electric Bikes San Clemente

Electric Bikes San Clemente

Electric bikes are popular and, thanks to the work of enthusiasts in communities all over the country, they're getting more support than ever from local and state governments. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of places that restrict or prohibit electric bikes, and that makes finding a good ride a little bit more complicated than it would be for traditional bike riders. If you're new to electric bikes in San Clemente and you're looking for some great trail rides, look no further.

Best San Clemente Bike Trails for Electric Bikes

In and around San Clemente, there are a variety of options for trail rides with an electric bike. With the exception of the beach trail, each of these choices accommodates e-bike riders year round. The beach and beach trail prohibit e-bikes from June 15 through Labor Day.

  • The beach trail:5 miles
  • Dana Point: 6 miles
  • San Juan Capistrano: 14 miles
  • Trestles: 6 miles, converges with parts of the beach trail
  • Oceanside:26 miles, with a return via Metrolink

The most recent guidance from the city calls for a 10mph speed limit on all public trails when riding an electric bike. Keep that in mind when you head out.

Must-Have Electric Bike Accessories

There are a lot of accessories that e-bike riders pick up to customize a ride for the activities the rider loves best. There are also quite a few that are a good addition to any build. Start with these accessories while you figure out what else you need to personalize that new ride of yours.

  • Bike tool kit for repairs
  • Multitool
  • Front and rear lights
  • Tube repair kit essentials
  • Mirrors

It's also a good idea to consider some kind of cargo rack or basket if you're not planning on riding with a backpack. It gives you a place to keep your essentials for fast repairs on the go, which is a necessity for trail riding, where you might have to do a quick fix while you're miles from the trailhead. It's also a good idea to consider mud guards for trail riding, unless you're sticking strictly to well-maintained city routes you'll probably wind up needing them.

How to Carry a Surfboard On an Electric Bike

The key to using your bike to get to the beach when you want to surf is having the right surfboard rack. There are three styles you can choose from. Side-mounted builds are the most popular, but there are also upright racks and rear-mounted options. The reason most riders opt for a side-mount is because it streamlines the aerodynamics of your ride. The bike gets a little wider and you need to adjust your balance a bit, but you don't have any issues with the wind slowing you down or affecting your handling because your board presents a minimal forward-facing profile.

Since different surfboard racks have different instructions for mounting and attaching the board, you'll want to refer to the instructions that come with your rack when it's time to install it. It's probably a good idea to pick out a rack that you can remove quickly, so you can unmount it easily when you're riding without the board. You'll also want to check your owner's manual and other manufacturer-provided materials to see if there's any reason why you should choose a particular rack style for your board.

When it comes to riding with the board, e-bikes make adjusting to the additional weight a little easier because they help provide some additional thrust. Your main concern should be feeling out the difference in your new center of balance when the board is riding with you. It's also important to practice cornering, because the extra weight will affect your handling around bends no matter what rack style you pick. It's also a good idea to remember that issues like wind drag are reduced for riders on e-bikes, since there is an additional motor assist to help propel the bike at speed even if the board is rear or upright-mounted.



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