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250 Watt
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$ 25.00 - $ 1,000.00
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250 Watt Electric Bikes
Learn More About 250 Watt Electric Bikes

250 Watt Electric Bikes

The first time you mount an electric bike, you will forget the childhood memories of struggling to pedal up a steep hill or having wobbly, shaky legs when you finally hopped off the bike at dusk. E-bikes bring superpower possibilities to riding around on two wheels. With the extra oomph behind your manual labor, you can reach your destination without losing your breath or being drenched in sweat. The design and features of an electric bike have everything to do with your ride and experience.

Taking Care of Your Riding Needs

There are three classes of electric bikes, with each class providing a certain level of motor power. The majority of e-bike users will start out with a class one bike, where the top speeds with pedal power reach between 20 to 25 miles per hour. These are the most universally accepted e-bikes, with riders being able to take these wheels on city streets or along bike paths. The regulations on using a class one are starting to ease up, and more riders are finding they can also take these cycles along traditional mountain bike trails.

Sixthreezero Electric Bike Motor Design & Features

The Electric Cruiser line of bikes from Sixthreezero is more than capable of handling your riding needs. Consideration for the memorable style of yesteryear has not diminished the comfort and efficiency these bikes deliver on a variety of surfaces. The frame bears the simplicity of a classic cruiser, and the whisper quiet motor only supports the feeling that you aren’t riding an electric bike. You can feel the support when driving up an incline or when the miles start to fly by, as your body no longer has to push itself hard or feel the burn.

The features of an electric bike make it easier to simply enjoy the ride, whether you are cruising to work or having a day in the park. The Sixthreezero bikes are designed for the motors to be used in three different ways. You can use the bike with traditional pedal power and leave the motor off completely. You could change the setting to engage the motor when you are peddling and use it as a support, or you can take the day off and rely on the motor to propel you. There is a thumb throttle that will adjust the settings.

What Wattage Really Means

The manufacturers of e-bikes give considerable thought to the power behind each bike. The design must be compatible with the intended use and riding range. A more powerful motor will deliver faster, enduring speeds capable of keeping up with the flow of traffic in street settings or supporting the weight of hauling cargo. While extra power is a nice feature, there is a tendency for large motors to burn through the battery much faster and reduce your distance possibilities.

Though a big battery may be practical for riders whose routes require extra torque, the class one bike setup (as seen in the cruiser line) will generally have 250-watt motor. Under normal riding conditions with the Sixthreezero cruiser bikes, this wattage can produce top speeds of 15 mph when relying solely on electric power. Add in pedal assist and speeds can climb to 24 mph. The battery power on these cruisers can last about 15 miles without pedal assist, but you could double this distance if you add some manual effort to your ride. With the cruiser bikes, the 250-watt motor gives you about an and a half of riding time.

Why Choose 250-Watt Electric Bikes

250 W electric bikes are an upgrade to a regular hybrid or cruiser. You still get to enjoy the comfortable seat, ergonomic frame, and other great features of a sixthreezero bike – with the added bonus of an electric motor. Some reasons to make the switch from a regular bike to a 250-watt bike include:

  • Wanting a little energy back-up. If you usually prefer to pedal, you might not want or need a 500-watt battery. Our 250-watt model is enough to offer a few minutes of help when you need it (you can go 15 miles on full-electric mode). 
  • Expanding your horizons. If you’re routes are growing stagnant but you know your legs are jelly after 15 miles, adding a motor to the mix spices things up. Suddenly, you can graduate to longer and more challenging trails. 
  • Keeping things affordable. 250-watt electric models are more affordable than 500-watt bikes. They allow you to upgrade your bicycle without having to cancel your streaming accounts for the next year.  

Best Features of Electric Bikes

What do you need to look for in a good e-bike? Comfort, speed, and durability are all key to a good cycling experience. An extra-wide seat means you can ride farther pain-free, and forward pedaling means you can extend your legs all the way. You also want the riding position to be upright to protect your posture. 

A solid 250-watt electric bike motor should be accompanied by a good handlebar display. Digital displays let you see how much of your battery life remains, how far you’ve traveled, and other important information. How will you engage the motor? A simple throttle makes it faster and safer to use your electric power on demand. 

Looking for the best 250W electric bike for sale? At sixthreezero, our bikes can be customized to your specific needs. Change the color of the frame, upgrade the tires, and add a new set of fenders for rides through spring puddles. Our 250-watt motors will carry you up to 30 miles on pedal-assist mode – and you can reach up to 28 miles per hour!

Not sure where to take your new electric bike? Join our Journey Club to uncover biking locations around the world and connect with other cyclists.

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250 Watt Electric Bikes