Topeak Bicycle Baby Seat II with 26in Non-Disc Rack

Topeak Bicycle Baby Seat II with 26in Non-Disc Rack

$ 199.99

A wrap-around seat body creates a cocoon of protection and features an updated 6-point harness system. Innovative suspension system cushions bumps and jolts and the integrated roll bar provides extra head protection and doubles as a carrying handle. Adjustable foot rests and straps keep small feet way from spinning wheels. Included heavy-duty rack features an innovative Baby Seat Ii attachment that requires no tools to attach and remove the seat from the rack. Once the seat is removed, the Quick Track system is compatible with all Topeak MTX bags and baskets. Child seat complies with stringent CPSIA, Proposition 65, and European safety standards.

  • Fits 26", 27.5, 700C
  • Wrap-around seat design with integrated roll bar creates a cocoon of protection and complies with stringent German and Japanese safety standards
  • 6-point harness offer superior comfort and protection
  • Suspension system between BabySeat and rack helps isolates child from bumps and jolts
  • Included tubular aluminum rack features fast and easy BabySeat Mounting removal
  • Seat Body: Molded engineering grade plastic


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  • I purchased the Women's sixthreezero Around the Block 26-Inch Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bike. Does it matter if I use the disc or non-disc rack?

    You would want to use the non-disc rack on the Around the Block Model.

  • Can i use this seat on the 26" around the block bike? Also, is there any age/weight restrictions for this seat, can my 5 month old baby use it?

    Yes, this seat will work on this Bike. 
    38 Lbs max, a 5-month-old may actually be too small for the Topeak. 
    The WeeRide Kangaroo may be worth looking at too.

  • Will the Topeak Bicycle Baby Seat II with 26in Non-Disc Rack fit the 7 speed Ride in the Park Men's model? I understand the back rack would need to be removed and we'd need to use the rack that comes with the seat. Just want to make sure it will fit safely/comfortably.

    Yes, it will fit on the Ride In the Park, but you will need to replace the rear rack, which is very easy to do.

  • Will the Topeak baby seat mount on the Around the Block bikes on the rear rack? thx

    It will not. The Topeak Baby Seat requires their proprietary rear rack to be mounted properly.
    The Topeak rack will mount to the Around The Block bike, and the Topeak Model here will include this rack that you need. 

    Thank you, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Will this mount on women’s EVRYjourney hybrid touring bike? Can I install a rear seAt on it?


    I would not recommend this bike seat for the EVRY, to be honest with you. The rear seat ends up being too close to the rider's seat. 
    I would recommend the WeeRide Kagaroo, it is a much better seat however, it mounts on the top-tube, so your child will be between you and the handlebars.

    You can see some images on google if you search WeeRide Kagaroo.

    Thank you for your inquiry, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Topeak Bicycle Baby Seat II with 26in Non-Disc Rack