Sunlite Pillar Suspension Post

$ 29.99

• Adjustable pre-load design • Coil spring suspension • Collar adjustment for play removal SEATPOST SUNLT SUSPN 25.4x350 noCLMP SL


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  • I have your EVRYjourney bike. Which size do I need to order?

    27.2mm size seat post, the larger of the 2 options.

  • Is this compatible with the BE Cruiser?

    Yes, this is the correct model for the BE Cruiser, 25.4mm diameter tube.

  • Which of your bikes is this compatible with?


    The suspension seat post is compatible with the all EVRYjourney, Ride In The Park, Explore Your Range, and Reach Your Destination model bikes. 
    The Body Ease and the PaveN'Trail already include a suspension seat post.

    Thank you, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Sunlite Pillar Suspension Post