Around the Block Women's 26" Front/Rear Fender Set

$ 79.99


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Laurie Shapro

Yes I got my sixth zero bicycle a year ago August, but didn't have fenders. It rains a lot in Oregon, so I just bought my fenders. I truly love them!!!

Roger Cowen

So the fenders are fine. But I'm kinda shocked that there are not installation instructions available. And the hardware got shipped separately and arrived a few days after the actual fenders arrived. There is nothing that shows where the fenders should be attached properly. Kind of surprising from a company such as this.

David Roberts
It’s a Chinese bicycle

The bike is perfectly fine, but it is not a made in America bike. I feel deceived by this companies advertising. This bicycle is made in China. Please go to Walmart to buy your Chinese made bike for a third the price of this one.

Tom Maloney
Instructions non existent

Was thrilled until I received the fenders, lacked hardware and instruction

James Hartwig
Fenders that I can’t use

I ordered and received a fender set (front and rear), which came with three braces, but no bolts (or screws) to attach them to the bike frame. I contacted support and was told that the hardware was shipped from a different warehouse and a trace would be initiated. While waiting for the results of the trace, I discovered that the braces were too small and would not attach to the fenders and wheel hubs with enough clearance to allow the wheels to rotate without rubbing the tires. I contacted support again and was assured the correct braces had been sent and I could make them fit if I “tugged and pulled”. Since I felt that they should fit without tugging and pulling, I requested a return authorization. I was offered a 20% discount, but since they weren’t going to fit anyway, I insisted on returning the product for a full refund. Then I was told to keep the fenders and I would get a full refund, that it was too much trouble to physically return the fenders. By the way, I’ve received three calls from FedEx and they can’t find the hardware package and are closing their case. So now I have two fenders, three braces, which are too small and no hardware for the fenders that aren’t going to fit anyway. Needless to say, I am disappointed, however, I did get a full refund.



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Around the Block Women's 26" Front/Rear Fender Set