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  • sixthreezero Classic Edition 7 Speed Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle
  • sixthreezero Classic Edition 7 Speed Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle


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Women’s Cruiser
Timeless Style Modern Comfort
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Women’s Cruiser is a rejuvenated classic. We took a legendarily comfy bike and made it comfier by adding an ergonomic frame, unique pedal position and a dual-spring seat. It’s playful, sophisticated and true to its promise of effortless style and effortless rides.

  • Easy-mount step-through frame
  • 2” semi-slick cruiser tires for smooth, stable rides
  • Splash protect front and rear fenders
  • Ideal for casual to uptempo rides across multiple types of terrain
  • Not intended for high-intensity exercise
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The Bike For All Journeys
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Pretty. Comfy. Classic.
Why be trendy when you can be timeless
Learn More About Comfort Below
Our Comfort Guarantee
It’s in the Details
True comfort requires a true commitment. Frame design, pedaling position, tires, seat, grips; every aspect of our bikes is carefully crafted to ensure pain free, enjoyable rides.
Riding Position 1
Riding Position
Our innovative frames are engineered to keep your body properly aligned to prevent soreness in your back, shoulders and wrists.
Riding Position 2
Pedal Position
The pedal position is designed to give you full leg extension and prevent soreness in your hips, knees and ankles.
The Tires
The Tires Shadow
The Tires
The Tires
These 2” semi-slick cruiser tires smooth out even the bumpiest roads while giving you the comfort of added control.
The Seat
The Seat
The Seat
This dual-spring saddle was designed to hug your body and keep you from shifting and adjusting. It’s comfy and it’s safe.
The Grips
The Grips 1
The Grips 2
Basically, Hand Clouds
The Grips
These synthetic leather grips are comfortable, durable and slip resistant.
Be bright, Be bold
Take your sweet time—always
One Bike
Learn More About Utility Below
Accessories Welcome
Racks, baskets, and even baby seats. Our snap-on Attachment Points mean you can customize till your heart’s content.
Where Can You Ride
  • Beach Beach
  • City City
  • Trail Trail
  • Path Path
Speed & Distance
Recommended Riding Speed
All the speed you need for a commute to work
or a cruise through the park.
Recommended Riding Distance
The ergonomic step-thru frame and cloud-soft details
keep you riding easy all day long.
Additional Features
  • 7 Speeds
  • Comfort Seat
  • Comfort Tires
  • Fenders
  • City
  • Trails


Ask a Question
  • Why is Fat Tire bike $400 more?

    Hi, Stan!

    Thank you for sending your inquiry about our fat-tire bikes. We appreciate customers who are sending interesting questions about our bicycles. 

    Fat tire bicycles are expensive because of the wheels and brakes. Our fat-tire bikes have disc brakes, which are the same brakes used for electronic bicycles. 

    I hope this answers your inquiry.


  • When do you anticipate this bike will be back in stock, in a navy 7 speed?

    We are looking anywhere from Nov-Dec.

    It's really hard to say at this point.

  • What is the main difference between the women's clasic cruiser and Around the Block? both bikes were recommended in the web assessment.


    The main difference is the features that are on the Classic 7-Speed. The frame itself is actually the same weight and material on both models, but the classic 7 Speed uses much better tires by Kenda, double-walled rims, the brake handles are of a higher caliber, and it has matching fenders. Both Bikes will use the same Shimano Tourney gears and derailleurs and crank. 
    Their overall dimensions are the same, so it will most likely recommend them at the same time through the Body Fit questionnaire.

    I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any other questions.
    Thank you.

  • Hello, I am looking at the commuter hybrid and the cruiser. Haven't decided which to go with. Can I attach a UrRider Child bike seat or a Bobike Junior classic rear child seat to either of these bikes? Thank you!

    I will be honest with you, we have never had the chance to try out either one of these Child Seats on our bikes before. 
    Just by looking at the UrRider seat, I know that will fit on any of our bikes. The BoBike Junior is the seat that I cannot confirm without trying it myself on one of our bikes. 
    We do carry the WeeRide Kangaroo child seat, which like the UrRider, mounts in the middle of the frame, and will work on any bike we have. The WeeRide, however, is smaller, I wouldn't recommend it for a child over 30 lbs or over 4 years of age. 

    If you have any more questions, I would be happy to help assist you, please message us directly at

  • Weight?

    The weight of this bike is 39.00 lbs. assembled. 
    For future reference, you can find this information under the 'Tech Specs' tab in the product overview section of the product's page. 

    Thank you so much, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • What is frame size on 26 inch threesixtyzero bik

    The Frame size on the sixthreezero Classic 7 Speed is 17". This measurement is taken from the center of the pedal-crank to the point where the seat post is inserted into the seat tube where you would tighten down the seat post into the frame of the bike.
    All of our women's cruisers and all of the Around The Block Wome's models have this same size frame. 
    Thank you, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

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sixthreezero Classic Edition 7 Speed Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle