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Tricycles For Seniors
Learn More About Tricycles For Seniors

Tricycles For Seniors

Senior Tricycles

Cycling offers plenty of health and practical benefits: improved cardiovascular health, muscle and bone strength, joint mobility and stress management. You also reduce your CO2 emissions and overall carbon footprint. The Institute of Transportation Development Policy estimates that cyclists release about 16 grams of CO2 per kilometer versus an automobile’s 271 grams per kilometer. Even for short trips around the neighborhood or town, a bike is both a practical and fun investment. Thankfully, seniors can also enjoy the advantages of cycling: The tricycle is making a major comeback, and it’s now available in durable, comfortable and balance-friendly versions.

Choosing a Three Wheel Bike For Seniors

Whether you haven’t biked in a long time or have mobility issues as an older adult, traditional two-wheel bicycles may not meet your needs. Fortunately, three-wheel bicycles offer you the same freedom as their two-wheel cousins. Their key advantage is the pair of wheels in the rear, ideal for elderly or disabled individuals with injuries or balance issues. They’ve come a long way since their initial invention, with modern innovations that make it easier than ever to get on and hit the road. When you’re shopping for adult tricycles, you should look at three key factors:

  • Frame style
  • Riding position
  • Average riding terrain

Trikes For Seniors Key Features & Specifications

Sixthreezero’s EVRYjouney standard and electric tricycles let you relax and enjoy your ride. Each model starts with a step-through frame, so it’s much easier to mount and dismount without falling or tripping over the bike. The EVRYjourney’s pedal-forward feature shifts the pedals further forward from the traditional position, which places your body closer to the ground as you ride. Thanks to the ergonomic riding position, major joints such as your shoulders, wrists, and knees remain in a relaxed and tension-free position during your ride. You enjoy a smooth ride from the 1.95-inch tires that glide over the ground and absorb bumps.

Everything about the EVRYjourney tricycle is designed to deliver comfort, practicality and fun. Both the standard and electric versions come equipped with a rear basket measuring 59 centimeters by 48.5 centimeters. Thanks to its generous size, it offers plenty of room for your essentials: your water bottle, a tote bag, a favorite book and maybe even your four-legged companion. Quick trips to the store are even more convenient: Just stash your groceries in the basket and you’re ready to head home.

Standard or Electric? How To Decide

Electric bikes are much different from scooters or motorcycles. They’re equipped with electric motors, but the extra power is meant to give you a boost along with your own pedaling. Going up hills becomes easier, and you can handle unexpected headwinds without getting winded yourself. Sixthreezero’s EVRYjourney electric tricycle gives you the added power plus the ergonomic, comfort and practical benefits of the original. If your average route includes hills or slightly bumpier terrain, the electric model is a good investment.

Return to the Road in Comfort and Style

Sixthreezero’s EVRYjourney adult tricycles let you get back out and enjoy life as you were meant to do. Their senior-friendly design makes it easy to get on, pedal away, avoid stress on your joints and relax without the worry of major body-jarring bumps. The convenient basket lets you stash away your extras whether your destination is the park, beach, café, store or anywhere else your day takes you.


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