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Newsboy Tricycles
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Newsboy Tricycles

Newsboy Tricycle Key Features

Sometimes three is isn't a crowd. Sometimes it's a true benefit that changes your world. In fact, while most people associate a tricycle with children, the reality is that the power of that extra support and rotation can enhance your expedition, freeing you to do more. The Newsboy tricycle is here for you, opening up a future of trips that you didn't think was imaginable.

With industrial strength, the frame design and wheels provide for an equal weight distribution, increasing stability and opening up the opportunity to carry more. What does that mean? With additional balance, you can add on storage units such as baskets and hitches, expanding your travel goals. Are you interested in running errands? Do you need to move from place to place with supplies? Use compartments or hauls to accomplish your goals all while saving gas, getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors. It's fashionable, practical and superbly functional.

Newsboy Trike Specifications

Some things never stop losing their beauty. A classic 50's style has been reinvented for today's modern era, bringing you the look of a high class cruiser with the ease of sophisticated travel. You're sure to turn heads as you pedal down the road. With high handle bars and arch, you can look like you're riding in style but you'll move through streets and hills without problem, capable of handling loads or longer journeys.

Comfort is a main priority. Don't worry about potholes, rocks or bumps. Equipped with sturdy tires, you're travels won't be rocky. The rubbers absorb the road's shock for you. That means you and what you carry can go about your day without concerns. In addition, body posture receives added focus. Are you looking to avoid back and neck strain? You won't be hunched over. Your back remains upright. Your weight gets even distribution, avoiding cricks and muscle strain.

When you select your bike, you need it just right for you. At, we believe that each one should be individualized to meet your needs. That's why we offer custom fitting, allow you to design some elements for you comfort and needs.

Using Your Newsboy Tricycle In the City

Metropolitan areas aren't immediately connected to bike riding. More people feel pushed into mass transportation or personal vehicles. But, that's a misconception that hinders both the riders and the environment. Just because you living and work among buildings doesn't mean you can't move those legs and breathe in some fresh air. Ditch mass transportation or you car, embracing freedom and health. As a matter of fact, that long line of traffic is holding you back. You're sitting in it far too long, taking in the fumes of recycled air. Not using your own transportation? Instead, navigate through it with ease, dodging cars and making your own path.

Stop your limitations. A tricycle is actually your ticket to doing more. Are you in need running some errands on the way home? Head out of work, securing your personal items. Then, head over to the stores, grab a book, pick up dinner and stash it safely away. The smooth ride home and structural reinforcement safeguard you and your valuables. You're no longer lugging around heavy bags, cramming yourself into a bus or subway seat. You're moving through parked trucks, relishing in the opportunity to reduce stress, increase your movement and enjoy some personal time.



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