SunLite Lift-Off Mesh Bottom Wire Basket

$ 44.99

The Lift-Off Mesh Bottom Basket is an easy, quickly removable basket perfect for transporting a few things wherever you need to go. Manufacturer SunLite. $24.99.

13.5" x 9.87" x 9.5"
Hangs over handlebars
Additional Info:
Powder coated finish
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  • Will the sea foam green go with my Evry Journey mint green bike?

    Hi, Kimberly!

    Thank you for sending us your inquiry. Our SunLite Lift-Off Mesh Bottom Wire Basket is compatible and can be easily mounted to your EVRYjourney bicycle. And the sea green-colored basket compliments your mint green-colored bicycle, for me that looks beautiful.

    I hope this answers your inquiry.


  • Will the basket fit the A/O Maya?

    Hi, Gloria!

    Thank you for reaching us with your concern. Yes,  a basket can fit to an A/O Maya bike model. It can me mounted to the bike's handle bar.

    I hope this answers your inquiry.

    Thank you for choosing sixthreezero!

    Your Journey. Your Experience.
    sixthreezero experience provider

  • Is “cream” the same as the light yellow color of bike?

    They are close, but not an exact match.

  • What color basket goes with the women’s around the block single speed mint green 24” cruiser?

    Black baskets go well with the mint green I think.
    The black matches the hardware of the bike.

  • will this basket fit the Body Ease bike? If not, which ones would fit?

    Yes, this will fit any Bicycle.

  • What is the weight limit for this basket?

    20lbs would be the weight limit.

  • I bought your “breathe” beach cruiser bicycle last month. What’s the matching basket color?

    We don't have an exact match for the breathe. Baby Blue is going to be closest to the paint on the frame. Brown baskets go well with the Brown Grips and the Brown seat.

  • Will the basket fit the womens EvryJourney bike?

    Yes, this basket will fit for sure.

  • Is this basket rust proof?

    The baskets have a thick coat of paint, but I would not ever claim that they are "rust-proof".

  • Will this fit Around the Block? If not, which baskets fit which bikes?

    Yes, this basket will fit the around the block model. the Wire Baskets will fit any bike, as will the nantucket baskets and the rear-rack baskets.

  • Will the hooks fir the handlebars of my Explore your Range?

    Yes, the hooks on the Sunlite Lift-Off baskets will fit on the Explore Your Range no problem.
    Thank you, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

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SunLite Lift-Off Mesh Bottom Wire Basket