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You know where you’re going. But is your body up for the challenge? Choosing a comfortable seat and reliable hand grips for your bike makes it easier to cross the finish line. Or arrive at the farmer’s market, or complete your leisurely beach ride, or… you get the idea. 

Sixthreezero has grips for a variety of bikes. Whether you’re on a women’s or men’s bike, you can use our leather bike grips to really take hold of your next journey. Ordering online is fast and easy (we don’t want to hold up your camping trip). 


The best part of leather handlebar grips is that they make riding more comfortable. Smooth leather feels great under your hands and it’s easy to grab onto. Grips that don’t crack, sweat, or burn your hands when it gets hot are good for new and expert riders alike. 

With bare hands or riding gloves, grips are vital for making sure your palms don’t slip off your handlebars. And while having control of your handlebars is important for safety that doesn’t mean it can’t also be more comfortable than riding with standard grips! 


Grips are also a way to personalize your bike. At sixthreezero, our grips are available in black, white, and brown. No matter the color of your frame, we have a set of grips that will look great. Put a pop of white on a black frame, or add grown grips to your teal bike. 

The stylish stitching on our grips also adds to their appeal. The thick, crisscross design is modern and will make even older bikes look like they got a makeover. Whether you have a grip shift on your bike or you’re working with a cruiser, these grips will look good. 

Easy Installation

We have grips for single-, 3-, and 7-speed bikes. Because some people need beach cruiser grips and other riders are ready to hit a downhill route, we have your back no matter what. Make sure to get the correct size when you’re ordering your new bike grips. 

All of our grips are also easy to put on your handlebars. They slide on and can be rotated until the stitches are in a comfortable position. Need to take them off? Just slide them off the end by tugging firmly away from the bike. Even young riders can handle putting their new grips on their bicycle or taking them off again.

Preventing Injury

Cycling grips aren’t just for style and comfort. Sure, those would be reason enough to slide a pair on your handlebars. But what if we told you they can also help you avoid some pretty common and painful cycling injuries? Because they can. A set of quality bike grips work to keep you from:

  • Burning your hands on hot handlebar metal. When the sun is beating down on your bike, not a sliver of shade in sight, the frame can get pretty hot. So hot, in fact, that if you just wrap your hands around the handlebars you could sizzle your fingers. 
  • Throwing out your back from bad posture. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart when you’re riding to promote better posture and protect yourself from shoulder and back pain. When you add ergonomic grips, you can hold onto your bike at just the right place. 
  • Being distracted while riding. Grab onto your handlebar grips and off you go! You won’t be distracted when trying to wipe the sweat away from the handlebar metal or when trying to find a more comfortable place to hold on so you won’t have to worry about swerving into the wrong lane. 

Pair with Riding Gloves

Want to look like a professional? You don’t have to choose between riding gloves and a good pair of faux leather grips. If you prefer to wear cycling gloves to protect your hands against everything from over-sweating to sunburn, they go pretty perfectly with your handlebar grips. Maybe you just wear riding gloves to show up your neighbor. You should still get a set of grips. Similarly, you can keep grips on during winter months so your winter gloves have something to grab onto besides frigid metal.

If you’re ready to hit the road with your new grips and an appetite for adventure, you’ve come to the right place. After you order your new bike grips from sixthreezero, check out our other bike accessories. You can find new fenders, cup holders, pedals, and more to make your ride more comfortable and safe. 

Ready to check out a new trail or bike path? The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to point you in the right direction. Join our Journey Club to uncover biking locations around the world and connect with other cyclists.



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