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Your bike is an extension of yourself. When it’s raining outside, you protect your calves with rainboots, so why let your bike tires fend for themselves? The best bicycle fenders will shield your tires from all sorts of dirt, water, and other road gunk. When your bike is protected, its parts last longer- it’s just that simple. Check out the fenders on sixthreezero, compatible with all of our 26” tires on a variety of bike styles.

Fenders: What are They Good For?

You might see the hipster down the street with fenders on his bike and assume it’s just a style statement. But fenders are very functional in addition to adding character to your ride. A quality set of fenders will:

  • Stop the dirt and mud in a pothole from gunking up your gears

  • Reduce the amount of rainwater that splashes your legs and torso

  • Keep dirt and dust on unpaved trails from getting all up in your wheels

  • Add personality to your bike based on their color/design

  • Help you find your bike from a distance (who can overlook neon yellow fenders?

Finding the Right Fenders

Not all fenders are created equally. And they won’t all fit your bicycle. The best bike fenders for you won’t be too big or too small. And they darned sure won’t be made of a sub-par material that will rust quickly. Here’s what to look for in a pair of bicycle fenders built for you:

  • Make sure the fenders will fit. Fenders are sized by the tires they protect; for instance, our fenders are all designed to fit 26-inch tires perfectly.

  • Check out the assembly requirements. Fenders need to fit snugly over your tires to offer maximum protection. If they come loose or have a complicated assembly, they could be less effective.

  • Choose a color that complements your bike. If you already have a bright orange frame, a set of crisp white fenders are a good choice. Fenders last for years, so make sure the color combinations will last, too.

Top Off with Other Accessories

Fenders aren’t the only accessories that will change your cycling experience. While you’re at it, you should add a bell so you can announce yourself in traffic and a phone holder so hands are always on your handlebars. When combined with fenders for bicycles, the incredible accessories available on sixthreezero create a custom bike experience like no other.

Fenders can’t protect your bike entirely from the wind, rain, and dirt on the road. You’ll still need to hose and wipe down your bike periodically to keep it clean and running smoothly. Fenders can, however, protect your body against a ton of splash and stop mud from getting caught in your spokes. Whatever your reason for buying fenders, you’ll be happy you got a top-notch set from sixthreezero.

Once your bike is outfitted with brand new fenders, you’re ready to take on cycling in any conditions. Join our Journey Club to uncover cycling locations around the world and connect with other riders.



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