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Electric Tricycles
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Electric Tricycles

Electric Tricycles

Remember the days when you wanted to graduate past your little Red Flyer tricycle to a big kid’s bike? With an electric trike, you have done just that. The tricycle still bears the classic-looking handlebars, brakes pulleys, and frame, but you get an upgrade to adult speeds. The frame is still lightweight, allowing you to mount it with ease. There is also generally enough space between the back tires for a basket to carry your gym bag or groceries. The battery power behind your excursions should last anywhere from two to four years, so long as you keep it well-maintained.

Choosing an Electric Tricycle

For many adults, purchasing an electric tricycle is an upgrade on the classic childhood bike. The motor-assisted drivetrain brings speed and stability to an adult tricycle, making it an extremely popular choice for those who love to get out and go without all the sweat of pedaling or fear of falling. The electric tricycle adds more power to your pedal stroke, though you feel as it you aren’t pedaling at all with the extra energy behind each burst. The motor handles the load easily, and the added support of the third wheel won’t leave you feeling pushed or pulled by the motor.

Electric Tricycle Key Features

There may be certain features you want with your tricycle, but there are also certain features you need for your intended use. A quiet but speed-producing motor, a lightweight frame and a pleasing look are generally all people consider, but there are a few other things to look for. The top speed for the typical 600-750-watt brushless motor can produce speeds between 10-20 miles per hour. A motor that extends to 1200 watts can get you up between 20-30 mph. The speed control on a tricycle is often a twist-throttle building into the handlebar or is connected through a thumb-driven throttle. A twist throttle is usually more manageable at higher speeds and on bumpy roads. Higher-end models can come with an LCD display to indicate batter usage and life, as well as give you information about your speed. Distance driven depends on your engine size, speed and miles driven, though you should expect between 20-40 miles per battery charge.

Sixthreezero Electric Trike Design

When you mount a sixthreezero electric trike, you are free to let your body relax while you ride down the road. The frames are ergonomically designed to keep you in a riding position that is tension-free on all your major joints. The entire body gets involved when riding a bike, yet with an electric trike, your wrists, neck, knees, shoulders, and ankles don’t have to strain to keep balance or power the wheels forward. Sixthreezero offers an easy to step through frame and tires that are large about to absorb the bumps of the road yet small enough to make for a smooth glide. The design also incorporates the ever-so-important storage, with a rear basket housed between the rear two tires that is big enough to hold a backpack, sack of groceries or picnic supplies.

The team at sixthreezero wants you to be in love with your tricycle and all it has to offer. Because they believe you will love it, they offer a forever warranty on their bikes and trikes. This warrant goes so far as replacing your purchase with a new one if a part can’t be fixed. You can find all this information and order your own electric tricycle at



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