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7 Speed Tricycles
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7 Speed Tricycles


There’s nothing quite like the joy and freedom of cycling. Pick a sunny day with gorgeous scenery, a favorite trail and just the right amount of wind and you have all the ingredients for a great ride. Except a bike, of course. Adult tricycles are regaining popularity, giving you more options for riding than ever before. If mobility and balance issues have held you back or if you just need a cycle that’s easier on your back and joints, an adult 7-speed tricycle may be the perfect solution.

Choosing a Three Wheel Multi Speed Bike

No doubt you’ve heard about the major benefits of cycling. Cardiovascular, muscular and joint health all improve with regular riding. There are also mental health advantages: More and more evidence shows the positive effects of exercise in reducing stress and better management of depression and anxiety. Not only that, you also cut down on your carbon footprint. In 2018, the Institute of Transportation Development Policy discovered that cyclists release about 16 grams of CO2 per kilometer: That’s about 1/16 of an automobile’s output 271 grams per kilometer.

Cycling is also incredibly accessible. All that’s required is a bike that meets your comfort and ergonomic needs. An adult 7-speed tricycle can help you unlock these benefits, but it’s important to pay attention to some vital factors when you shop: frame style, riding position and the type of terrain you typically cover. Modern tricycles like sixthreezero’s EVRYjourney come in both standard and electric editions, so it’s easy to pick a three-wheel bike suited to how you ride.

7 Speed Bike Key Features

Sixthreezero’s EVRYjourney standard and electric adult tricycles feature a comfort-friendly design that lets anyone at any fitness level get back out and enjoy riding. Both models feature a step-through frame style that’s easy to mount and dismount without falling or tripping over the bike. The rear pair of wheels provides plenty of balance support, ideal for people with mobility or balance concerns. Even if you’re an older adult and you’ve never learned how to ride a bike, the EVRYjourney removes that barrier.

The EVRYjourney’s riding position and pedal-forward construction are also key to a stable and comfortable cycling experience. The pedal-forward feature shifts the pedals farther forward than on traditional models, which places your body closer to the ground as you ride. The ergonomic riding position aligns major joints such as the shoulders, wrists and knees for tension-free riding. This adult tricycle is also equipped with 1.95-inch tires, which absorb bumps to give you a smoother ride.

Other Convenient Features

You’ll note that the EVRYjourney 7-speed tricycle comes in two versions: standard and electric. You might picture a scooter or motorcycle when you think of electric bikes, but they’re actually bicycles with integrated electric motors that add an extra boost to your own pedaling power. This can be useful for going up hills or through headwinds since the electric power cuts down on the pedaling effort needed to keep the bike in motion. As a bonus, both models come with a convenient 59-centimeter by 48.5-centimeter rear basket for stashing your drink bottle, tote, groceries or other essentials.

Of course, you don’t need to have mobility or balance problems to enjoy sixthreezero’s EVRYjourney adult 7-speed tricycle. Whether in the standard or electric edition, the EVRYjourney is an excellent bike for any rider. Don’t forget that we offer free shipping, a lifetime warranty and our 365-day test ride.



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