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  • sixthreezero Around the Block Women's 26" 500W 7 Speed Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle
  • sixthreezero Around the Block Women's 26" 500W 7 Speed Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle

AroundtheBlock 500W

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Ride Around the Block...and Beyond
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Electric Cruiser Bike with 500 Watt Rear Hub Drive Motor with a classically styled beach cruiser frame that provides maximum comfort and riding ease.  An uncomplicated E-Bike, designed with simplicity as the goal with an alluring frame design reminiscent of classic cruiser bikes. Easy stop disc brakes, smooth seven speed derailleur, and whisper quiet motor and battery. It won’t look like you are riding an E-Bike on the Around the Block, with the integrated motor, battery and hidden cabling.  You’ll love zipping around knowing nobody can tell your being powered by a disguised motor. The perfect bike if you want to increase your level of fun, ride extra miles beyond your block and get to your destination faster. Will make all of those hills and that last stretch to the beach unbelievably more relaxed because no longer will your body have to strain.  Take your rides from average to ridiculously fun.

The 500 Watt electric bike motor can be used in three ways when riding. Leave the motor off and let your legs provide the power like a traditional bicycle.  Ride in pedal assist mode and engage the motor only when you pedal. Lastly, let the motor do all of the work by using the thumb throttle to move the bike entirely under the power of the motor. Ideal for jaunts by the beach, on a college campus, or through the streets of your neighborhood.  

  • 500 Watt Motor that functions either in pedal assist or full electric mode
  • Top speed of 15mph with full electric and 28mph with pedal assist (Top Speed of 20mph with full electric and 28mph with pedal assist)
  • 500 Watt Hour Battery that will take you 20 miles using full electric and 20 - 40 miles on pedal assist mode
  • 26-inch wheels with 2.125-inch tires provide excellent roll and a cushioned, stable ride
  • Front and rear disc hand brakes for easy and prompt stopping
  • Upright, relaxed riding position reducing strain on your back, hip, shoulders and knees
  • Fits riders from 5 feet to 6 feet
Your Journey
Your Experience
Throwback design., Modern engineering
Around the block is just the beginning
Learn More About Comfort Below
Comfort, Redefined
Less Strain & Less Body Pain
True comfort requires a true commitment. Frame design, pedaling position, tires, seat, grips; every aspect of our bikes is carefully crafted to ensure pain free, enjoyable rides.
Riding Position 1
Our innovative frames are engineered to keep your body properly aligned to prevent soreness in your back, shoulders and wrists.
Riding Position 2
The pedal position is designed to give you full leg extension and prevent soreness in your hips, knees and ankle
The Motor
The Motor
A Quiet Whisper that Powers
The Motor
500 Watt Rear Hub Drive Motor that provides a smooth, easy ride either with pedal assistance or under full motor power
The Battery
The Battery
Safe & Simple Energy
The Battery
500 Watt Hour Battery that will take you 20 miles using full electric and 20 - 40 miles on pedal assist mode
The Display
The Display
Clear & Uncomplicated
The Display
A sleek display tells you how fast you are riding and which level of pedal assist power you are using when in pedal assist mode
The Throttle
The Throttle
A Simple Press
The Throttle
A simple thumb throttle, push down and feel the excitement of a motorized experience
Ride Forward, Think Back
Relive Your Forgotten Favorites
One Bike
Learn More About Utility Below
The Tires
The Tires Shadow
The Tires
The Tires
Wider tires mean more control on all types of terrain. From rough trails to beachside streets, you’ll have the smoothest ride every time.
The Seat
The Seat Inside
The Seat
The Seat
Packed with foam engineered for serious softness, the extra-wide saddle cradles you like a cloud made of pillows. Sitting has never been so comfortable.
The Grips
The Grips 1
The Grips 2
Basically, Hand Clouds
The Grips
Sensing a theme? Soft to the touch and easy to hold, these synthetic leather grips are the definition of comfort and style. Because feeling good is as important as looking good
Where Can You Ride
  • Beach Beach
  • City City
  • Trail Trail
  • Path Path
Distance and Speed
Recommended Riding Speed
All the speed you need for a commute to work
or a cruise through the park.
Recommended Riding Distance
The ergonomic step-thru frame and cloud-soft details
keep you riding easy all day long.
Additional Features
  • 500W Rear Hub Motor
  • Throttle Control
  • Performance Display
  • 500W
  • 48V 20.8Ah Battery
  • Comfort Tires
  • Fenders
  • 7 Speeds
  • Disc Brakes


Ask a Question
  • Can a passenger sit on the battery as a seat?

    No, do not do that. 
    The rack can only hold about 50 lbs, the battery itself weighs about 14 lbs.

  • Does this model have the pedal-only option? Or are you always using some level of assist ?

    You can turn off the pedal-assist by turning the power setting down to 0.
    Both the throttle and pedal-assist will be turned off in this mode.

  • Hi is this a lithium battery ? Does the battery have a key lock and how long does it take to charge the battery ? Thank you

    Yes, this bike includes a 48v/10.4Ah battery which includes a locking key. You never want to run the battery completely empty. Charging the battery can take up to 5 hours depending on how much it needs to be charged.

  • What is the total weight of the bike? Do you use aluminum in the frame?

    The bike when fully assembled will weigh 60 lbs with the battery attached.
    Yes, this frame is made of Aluminum and is built to hold 300 lbs of total weight.

  • How many pedal assist levels are there? What type of pedal assist is used (cadence, torque)?

    There are 5 levels of assist (1-5), each level being about 20% of max output power. Level 1 being 20%, 2 being 40%, etc....
    It is a cadence sensor on the pedal crank, so you will want to set the power setting to the speed you would like to go.
    Thank you, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Women's Sixthreezero Electric Beach Cruiser Bike - 26" Around the Block 500W 7 Speed e Bicycle (Mint Green & Teal) Sixthreezero Bike Co.