sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 250W Internal Battery Electric Bike 7-Speed

$ 999.99 $ 1,999.99

A beautifully styled electric bike perfect for the rider that wants to travel by two wheels but prefers a reduced work load on their body. Go beyond your farthest ridden distances, up those daunting hills, and into strong winds without requiring extreme strain on your joints and muscles.  Having the electric motor provides piece of mind knowing that if your body fatigues you have a backup power source to assist you. The smooth and simple electric motor reduces the muscle exertion required to power your two wheels. You decide the workout you get, leaving your body as fatigued as you want it to be after completing your ride. 

The ultra comfortable ergonomic frame design keeps you in an upright, relaxed riding position reducing strain on your back, hip, shoulders and knees. Haven’t ridden in a bike in a long time, the EVRYjourney Electric is perfect for you. The low swooping step-thru frame and forward pedaling design make mounting and dismounting this bike a snap. The forward pedaling design keeps you low to the ground, while still providing ample leg extension when pedaling. Being low to the ground makes stopping easy and safe, reducing risk of tipping over and making it simple to put your feet flat on the ground when stopping.

The 250 Watt electric bike motor can be used in three ways when riding. Sweat it out and push your muscles, leave the motor off and let your legs provide the power like a traditional bicycle. Inspired to ride farther than you ever have but nervous you may not have enough energy to get home, set it to pedal assist and engage the motor only when you pedal.  Don’t want to feel an ounce of sweat pierce your skin, let the motor do all of the work by using the thumb throttle to move the bike entirely under the power of the motor. You just focus on the feel of the wind, the warmth of the sun on your face and the majesty of the surroundings you encounter on your ride. Perfect for the commute that was just a little too far, the ride that had just too many steep hills or for the everyday ride you want to enjoy a whole lot more.

  • 250 Watt Motor that functions either in pedal assist or full electric mode
  • Top Speed of 16mph with full electric and 20mph with pedal assist
  • 36V/10.4Ah Internally mounted Battery that will take you 20 miles using full electric and 20 - 35 miles on pedal assist mode
  • 26-inch wheels with 2-inch semi-slick tires provide excellent roll and a cushioned, stable ride
  • Front and rear disc hand brakes for easy and prompt stopping
  • Ultra comfortable ergonomic frame design keeps you in an upright, relaxed riding position reducing strain on your back, hip, shoulders and knees
  • Fits riders from 5 feet to 6 feet, 4 inches tall


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Customer Reviews

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Carol Pfaff-Dahl
Sent back

We did not receive the bikes. Sent them back. Due to electric battery the seats sit higher. Not a fit for us. Your company needs to improve on receiving bikes back and issuing credit back in a timely manner. The company is very quick to take your money but takes forever to get it back which makes it bad for business. The company does not seems to mind our money is held up while we wait for a back order which can take several weeks.

Reta Holt
Happy happy joy joy

I love my new bike EVRYjournery with internal battery. I have been riding it for two weeks now. Only adjustment I had to do after putting it together myself, was adjust the front wheel because it was squeaking. I watched the videos to undersand how to use the assist with pedaling. I live in a small resort town with a beautiful lake, mountains and lots of bicycle lanes and paved trails. Perfect for my EVRYjourney. Ladies don’t be afraid about putting bike together. It was 3/4 done and I had no problem. Love it!

Cathy Prentiss
Love My Sixthreezero E-Bike

I recently purchased a Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 250W E-Bike with internal battery. I found my bike to be comfortable, easy to use, well built, and fun to ride. We did have a problem with the front fork being bent when we unboxed the bike, but they sent us a new fork with no questions asked. Good customer service. Now that it's all assembled I'm loving it. Thank you Sixthreezero!

Maria Bernal
Love my new ebike!

I haven't rode a bike in over 40 years! I was inspired by my family who 6 have bikes. My daughter sugested an ebike . I researched and found this company. Reviews and the vidio for the older adults sparked my interest and I was sold and bought the EVRYjourney Women's 250W internal battery electric bike 7-speed. Very happy with my purchase. Purchased the helmet too! Want a bell next too. Now I need a bike rack to take it with me as needed. I should of taken my bike to a bike shop foe assembly. Someone else assembled it and I'm having problems with front brakes and fender rubbing. Ring , ring !

Amanda Killen
So Fun!

Just got my bike a couple of weeks ago and I am riding it to work every day. I haven't ridden a bike in years but it all came back pretty easily and the bike makes it really easy and fun. This is a cruising bike. I have a short ride to work (about a mile and a half) through neighborhoods, it would not be agile enough for really busy traffic or terrain. I do have some small hills and the pedal assist is more than enough to make them no big deal, even for my old knees! I don't use the throttle much but it is nice to have after a long day if I need it. I took my time getting the seat and handlebars just right. I am 5'1" and the 26" tires and frame are just a little big for me but having everything correctly adjusted really minimizes that. I am excited to ride some other bike paths around Memphis, especially the one over the Mississippi River! I can't say enough how much fun it is to be able to be back on a bike and not be concerned I will wear out and get stuck. It's also saving me a lot of money on gas and wear and tear on my older car!



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sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 250W Internal Battery Electric Bike 7