Where to Ride: Denver’s Best Bike Trails

September 05, 2018
Where to Ride: Denver’s Best Bike Trails
Where to Ride: Denver’s Best Bike Trails

The Mile High City is a magnet for outdoorsy types, attracting hikers and bikers with its miles of trails and acres of preserved land. They make finding the right trail easy with city-provided bike maps. Denver will also reward your cycling efforts with a cold craft beer or meal at a hipster restaurant – for all of its wide open spaces, Denver is also a hub of modern trends in the food and entertainment departments.

sixthreezero has you covered when it comes to finding one of the best women’s bike options or browsing men’s bicycles. Pick out your wheels and then head to one of these top Denver trails for your inaugural ride!

Cherry Creek Reservoir Loop

Distance: 18 miles

The Cherry Creek Trail connects Aurora to Downtown Denver and is one of the most traveled bike paths in the city. You can cater the trail to your needs, hopping on at various points to create a journey that matches your skill level and workout schedule. If you bike the reservoir loop, which begins and ends in Garland Park, you’ll go 18 miles through urban and natural habitats. This trip not only takes you through Cherry Creek State Park and around the Cherry Creek Reservoir, but also through the Kennedy Golf Course and Village Greens Park.

Sloan Lake Trail

Distance: 2.6 miles

In the mood for a shorter ride on a spring day? Check out the Sloan Lake Trail, which is just long enough to give you a punch of adrenaline and clear your mind. The mixed-use path naturally offers views of the sparkling lake and throws in some sights of Downtown Denver as an added bonus. If you decide to extend your journey, consider starting and ending your ride at nearby Lakewood and Dry Gulch Park to add a few miles to the workout.

South Platte River Trail

Distance: 18 miles

The entire South Platte River trail extends beyond city limits, but the portion of the scenic route within Denver is just under 20 miles. The pathway grants access to the heart of the metro area. Along the way, you’ll pass sites like Confluence Park and Elitch Gardens. You’ll cycle along paved pathways for the duration of your trip, and you can continue south along the Greenway Trail if you’re up for a real challenge. Also called the Mary Carter Greenway, this trail is 8 miles long and delivers you to the northern edge of Chatfield State Park.

Ready to hit the trails in the Mile High City? sixthreezero can help you find the perfect bike for your needs. Whether you want a men’s 3 speed or need a women’s cruiser bike with gears, you’ll find the wheels you need right here. For rides on one of the paved city routes, consider one of these comfortable and stylish bicycles:

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Where to Ride: Denver’s Best Bike Trails