What Is a Trike Bike & Why They’re Making a Comeback

June 29, 2020
What Is a Trike Bike & Why They’re Making a Comeback
What Is a Trike Bike & Why They’re Making a Comeback

Tricycles aren’t just for kids. In fact, many adults have a lot of fun riding tricycles around town. Tricycles provide more stability than bicycles, so they’re perfect for older individuals who want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time worrying about toppling over. But that doesn’t mean riding a tricycle is boring or mundane. If you’re wondering “how fast can a trike go?” the answer is just as fast as a regular bicycle. Whether you’re wondering “How fast can a trike go?” or you just want to know why they’re making a comeback, here’s some information you should know.

Understanding Tricycle Basics

As the name suggests, a tricycle has three wheels instead of two. But it differs from a bicycle in more ways than that. Tricycles sit lower to the ground than bicycles, and they give riders a more stretched-out riding position. Trike seats tend to be a little wider and more comfortable than many bike seats, as well. Tricycles comes in three main styles: recumbent, semi-recumbent and upright.

Each version puts the rider in a slightly different seated position. Recumbent trikes are much more reclined than upright trikes, and semi-recumbent trikes are somewhere in the middle. There are also electric tricycles, which allow riders to put in little to no effort, depending on the setting they choose and the distance they travel.

Safety Considerations

If you’re hunting for tricycles for sale, you may have a lot of questions. In particular, you may be wondering “Are tricycles safer than bicycles?” The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. In some ways, trikes are safer than bikes, and in other ways, the opposite is true.

When it comes to minimizing your chances of becoming unstable on the bike and tipping over or wrecking, trikes are superior. Since they distribute your weight across three wheels instead of two, they are more stable and much harder to tip over.

But when it comes to visibility on the road, you can’t beat the bicycle. Trikes are a bit closer to the ground, which can make them more difficult to see. You can combat this problem by attaching a flag to your tricycle or buy purchasing a trike in a bright, highly visible color.

Comfort and Ease of Riding

Many people wonder “Is it difficult to ride a tricycle?” and they are pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it is. Tricycles have wide, comfortable seats and they stay upright even when you’re at a completely standstill. You don’t need to worry about losing your balance on a trike. It’s also easier to ride tricycles uphill because they don’t require you to go at a rapid pace to avoid falling over. Instead, you can take big hills slow and steady while remaining perfectly stable the entire time.

Getting on and Off

Now that you know the answer to the question “Is it hard to ride a 3 wheel bike?” you may be wondering how easy it is to get on and off one. Since trikes stay upright even when they’re sedentary, they’re not tricky to mount or dismount at all. With bicycles, you have to straddle the bike and give yourself a little push before you can lift both feet off the ground. That isn’t the case with tricycles. Instead, you can get on and put both of your feet on the pedals without toppling over.

Find a Great Trike

Once you ride a trike, you’ll see firsthand why they’re making a comeback. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of trike riding, head to your nearest tricycle store and find the perfect trike for you.

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What Is a Trike Bike & Why They’re Making a Comeback