Got An Urban Beach Cruiser? | How To Find A Great Bike Ride In Your City.

Choosing a Bike
December 25, 2016
Got An Urban Beach Cruiser? How To Find A Great Bike Ride In Your City.
Got An Urban Beach Cruiser? | How To Find A Great Bike Ride In Your City.

In this busy world, finding time to exercise or even enjoy some downtime can be a challenge. More time at work, in the car, and running errands means less time to be healthy—or even breathe fresh air.

The good news is that with just an urban beach cruiser and a plan, you can turn your leisure time into an invigorating, fun experience which will leave you feeling healthier and more aware of all the nooks and crannies and interesting spots that make your city special.

In part, that’s because finding a great bike ride has never been easier. There are numerous websites and apps that will put you on the road to safe, pedestrian-friendly, scenic routes all over the metropolitan community you call home. Just a quick online search will bring up a menu of companies and individuals dedicated to matching your physical capabilities with your bike-riding style and desired workout level.

But before you hop on and start pedaling, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of bike you have, or want to have, as that will determine how easy or difficult your planned ride will be.

The top urban bikes typically are available in 1-, 3- and 7-speed models, and each has its benefits and limitations. Hence, the goal is to find the right bike for you. Check out sixthreezero’s lineup of expertly constructed beach cruisers on sale here.

Here’s a quick primer:

1-Speed Bikes

These bikes have just one gear, so you can basically only pedal at one speed. The benefits are that they are the most reasonably priced bike and easiest to use, as you pedal with your feet and stop with the hand brake. The downside is that even the slightest challenging terrain, such as a hill, becomes a monumental task that may leave you with rubberized upper-leg muscles or pushing that beautiful two-wheeler up a steep incline. Thus, this is a good choice if you are a leisure biker only and will be doing all your pedaling on flat terrain. Check out sixthreezero’s 1-speed offerings.

3-Speed Bikes

As you can imagine, more speeds mean more gears, which makes some hill climbing easier. You’ll pay slightly more, and you’ll have to master stopping and switching gears with your hand, but your bike-riding world will open up greatly by taking this leap. Check out sixthreezero’s 3-speedurban beach cruisers here.

7-Speed Bikes

Finally, you want it all—cycling-wise, that is. Sometimes you’ll be cruising flat roads to the store, and other times you’ll be a veritable alpine climber on wheels. Seven-speed bikes offer a gear for all occasions, and they are priced accordingly but worth every penny if they match your bike-riding goals. Choose your dream sixthreezero 7-speed cruiser.

DIY Urban Beach Cruiser

Still unsure which urban beach cruiser is right for you? Why not build your own from scratch with sixthreezero’s easy, step-by-step guide? Get started here.

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Got An Urban Beach Cruiser? | How To Find A Great Bike Ride In Your Ci