Ultimate Guide To City Biking

October 03, 2018
Ultimate Guide To City Biking
Ultimate Guide To City Biking

A lot of bikers will extol the virtues of leisure biking in the woods. And there is indeed something magical about feeling the wind through your hair on an empty tree-lined trail. But city biking has its own advantages! For one, it gives you a way to get to work without contending with train schedules or traffic. City biking for leisure is fun because you can stop along the way to refuel or explore a cute vintage store. Check out our bike city guide to learn how to make the most of urban adventuring.

Finding the Right Bike

First things first: do you have the right ride? City bikes and cruisers are great for navigating urban roads and bike lanes; they promote good posture and are easy on your knees. They’re also good bikes for work commutes because you can add a basket to carry a bag. Check out the sixthreezero Body Fit tool to see which bikes are designed for your body type.

What to Wear

With the right cycle on your side, it’s time to pick out an outfit. The ideal clothing for a bike ride includes moisture-wicking shirts and pants that hug your legs. Loose fitting clothing could get caught on your pedal and make repetitive motion more challenging. If you’re on your way to work, bike commuter clothes should include a weather-proof backpack and jacket. If you must wear loose pants for a short ride, roll up the bottom and wear tennis shoes (you can always keep dress shoes at the office for a quick change).

Navigation Needs

One of the most important bike essentials these days is GPS. So many major cities, from Portland to Minneapolis, are expanding their trail offerings. A great trail app with GPS helps you find the right city path for your skillset (and figure out how far you are from the next craft brew stop or park along the way). You can also track your speed and calorie burn with tools like a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

Pass the Time

Listening to music and podcasts is an easy way to pass the time while you’re on the saddle. In places like California and New York, you can only travel with one earbud in – so make yourself familiar with local laws before you use headphones. Consider wireless headphones with Bluetooth that can’t get tangled on your arms or bone-conductive headphones, which let you hear ambient traffic noise along with your music.

Ready to hit the city streets on two wheels? Create a custom experience that works for you by using the Body Fit tool by sixthreezero to find a bike perfect for your height and weight. Then, personalize your ride with the right color and tires. From the Explore Your Range Men's 7-Speed Commuter Hybrid Bike to women’s cruiser bikes, we have a wide array of bicycles for all types of riders. City trails await!

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