Types of Electric Motors for Electric Bikes

September 18, 2019
Types of Electric Motors for Electric Bikes
Types of Electric Motors for Electric Bikes
Electric bikes are an exciting new trend that allows you to cruise around hilly terrain and dramatically increase your commute time without breaking a sweat. However, these bikes are highly specialized to fit your exact body. Whether you’re looking for women’s or men's electric bikes, you need to choose the right size and shape for your body. One of the most important decisions is the electric bike motor. Learn the pros and cons of each electric motor type today.

250-Watt and 500-Watt Electric Motors

At sixthreezero, our electric bikes, also known as hybrid bikes, typically come with either a 250-watt motor or a 500-watt motor. Each of these are powerful enough to help you improve your cruising speed and reduce stress and strain as you bike uphill or travel long distances. But what’s the difference between these two motors?

The wattage of an electric motor alters two key areas: speed and torque. A 250-watt motor will have far less speed and torque than a 500-watt option. While this compact electric motor may have enough power for your particular body and weight, it may not give you the speed you need. Expect your 250-watt motor to power along at approximately 15 miles per hour.

On the other hand, a 500-watt motor is more likely to cruise along at 20 miles per hour. You’ll also notice a distinct difference with this powerful motor for bicycle option when it comes to hilly terrain. Regardless of your size, you’ll likely experience a far more comfortable climb up a hill if you’re powering along with a 500-watt motor.

Selecting the Right Motor

Now that you understand the difference in terms of power when it comes to electric motors, how do you choose an electric motor for bicycle? There are four factors you need to consider when shopping for your electric bicycle motor:

  • Desired speed
  • Typical terrain
  • Budget
  • Body type

If you’re feeling a need for speed, you’ll cruise along much faster on a 500-watt motor. A particularly hilly countryside or city street also warrants a larger motor. The biggest downside to a 500-watt motor is the price. Expect to invest more in a larger, more powerful option for your stylish, new bike.

One reason to consider a 250-watt motor is your body type. If you are lightweight and have a small body type, you may still experience comfortable speeds with a smaller motor. While you’ll still notice a slight speed increase, the additional torque may not translate into as dramatic of a speed increase as someone with a heavier body type might experience. Someone with a larger body type may need the torque of a 500-watt motor in order to enjoy the uphill advantages of an electric motor.

Finding Your Perfect Bike

Thankfully, regardless of the bicycle motors involved, you can enjoy all the latest styles and shapes for your electric bicycle. Whether you choose 250-watt or 500-watt, you can improve the comfort and efficiency of your ride. Shop for the premium electric bikes for sale online to compare price points and match the best electric motor to your unique body type.

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Types of Electric Motors for Electric Bikes