Tricycle Storage Solutions: How to Store an Adult Trike

August 21, 2020
Tricycle Storage Solutions: How to Store an Adult Trike
Tricycle Storage Solutions: How to Store an Adult Trike

The tricycle has made a big comeback as more and more American adults have turned to human powered transportation options. In fact, according to some estimates the three-wheeled tricycle design is more popular than ever. One thing is for sure, adult tricycles have never been as varied or as accessible as they are now, regardless of what's happening in the market for kids. As more and more people switch it up to a stable, relaxing three-wheeled ride, more and more recent converts are finding they need to figure out how to store a trike when it's not in use.

Ways to Store Your Trike

Storing a bicycle is easy because of its slim design and relatively low weight. Bike storage options like hanging racks, wall mounts, or even just outdoor storage racks allow for the efficient storage of many vehicles in a small space, which makes finding room for one in a crowded garage quite easy. Many of the same options are available for tricycle designs if you look, but they do have a little larger footprint in your storage areas because of the vehicle's wider wheel base.

  • Hanging ceiling racks and hooks
  • Wall racks
  • Tricycle covers
  • Storage sheds and pods
  • Floor storage

Not every option requires equipment. For example, you might have an extra shed on your property already that you can repurpose or you might opt to simply store the new tricycle in an existing storage space. Some people even park it outdoors on a back porch or near a door, securing it with a simple lock and chain combination. If you're storing it outdoors, consider what local weather could do to the finish or the condition of rubber parts that are exposed to the elements. A cover designed for your environment can provide a lot of protection against the hazards that come with outdoor storage.

Where You Can Store Your Tricycle

There are basically three options. You can store the tricycle indoors if it is collapsible or the wheelbase fits through a door. In fact, storing it in a heated basement with a walkout patio and wide sliding doors can be cost effective and very safe for the tricycle. For owners with a premium on indoor living space, though, it can be inconvenient. Using an existing semi-finished space like a shed or garage is also an option, but again, some people are pressed for space.

This is where racks and ceiling mounts are useful. They give you more storage space without creating clutter that makes it hard to navigate your possessions and retrieve the things you need on a given day. The drawback there is that racks and mounted storage require some strength to put the tricycle away and get it out. If you're choosing it for its accessibility as you build or rebuild strength, that might make this option less attractive. Last of all, you could buy an outdoor shelter or storage option. A tricycle-specific microshed is space efficient, but even something as simple as an easy-up with sides you can put down against the rain will go a long way toward protecting your investment.

Tools You May Need

Most of the ready-to-install storage options like racks and small structures will be built to use basic tools like standard sized screwdrivers and socket wrench sets. Some may need additional resources like a hex bolt key, but in those cases they tend to come with the materials and instructions needed for assembly. If you're hanging a rack from a garage or basement wall, you will probably also need a drill and possibly a stud finder. Remember, if you are drilling to anchor in concrete for any reason, you'll need a specialized bit to avoid causing excess damage to the structure of the concrete or the drill bit.

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Tricycle Storage Solutions: How to Store an Adult Trike