Top Bike Destinations In The U.S.

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May 12, 2017
Top Bike Destinations In The U.S.
Top Bike Destinations In The U.S.

Imagine hopping in your car and heading out for a cross-country road trip of a lifetime. From the West Coast to the East Coast, there are so many sights to see and adventures to experience. Once you make it to each stop on your route, there’s only one way to enjoy the adventure to the fullest. Seeing new places from your bicycle is the ultimate way to really embrace your surroundings wherever you are. Getting outside in nature, riding alongside locals, and having the opportunity to stop and savor the views at your leisure is how every adventure should be experienced. If a road trip with your trusty bicycle is on your bucket list, there are a few top bike destinations in the U.S. that you can’t miss.

San Francisco

After the installation of 800 new bike racks in 2015, San Francisco continues to innovate and improve conditions for cyclists. The projects include protected and raised bike lanes, better connections to transit centers, and the Bay Area Bike Share which will offer 4,500 bicycles in the city. With an increase in residents utilizing bikes for commuting, the city has done a great job making it safer for cyclists. One of the best rides to do is cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge and all the way to Sausalito!


Portland is known for its bike-friendliness and beautiful landscape. After the opening of the Tilikum Crossing, a bridge built for cyclists, buses, trains and pedestrians to take over the Williamette River, the city continued to find ways to improve the cycling for its community, and become one of the top bike destinations in the country. The city plans to build 9 more miles of protected bike lanes along the existing 86-mile bike lane network. If you visit in the summer, you can take part in the PedalPalooza and enjoy organized parties, rides and cycling activities.


Scheduled for completion this spring, Chicago will be the first major city in the U.S. to have a network of downtown protected bike lanes. With 50 miles of protected bike lanes, separated from vehicles, the city of Chicago will quickly grow into a top destination for cyclists. Unable to bring your bicycle along? Chicago also offers Diivy, the second-largest bike sharing system in the country. Cycle by Navy Pier, Millennium Park, or take a lap around the Cubs stadium and see Chicago the way it was meant to be seen.

New York City

New York City has taken the initiative to dramatically improve cycling conditions across the city. The city’s projects include protected bike lanes in all five boroughs along with an additional 50 miles of bike lanes. With funding continuing to support safer cycling, New York City is becoming a top bike destination for all cyclists. If you find yourself in the city, meet up with a group called Brooklyn by Bike to combine two of the best things, riding bikes and eating.

If you are going off on an adventure, don’t leave your trusty bicycle behind. Adventures are meant to be experienced, and the best way to explore a new place is to immerse yourself in the city and the culture. The good news is, if you aren’t able to bring your bicycle, these top destinations all have fantastic bike sharing systems that you can utilize.

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Top Bike Destinations In The U.S.