Top 5 Spring Break Biking Destinations In California

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February 26, 2018
Top 5 Spring Break Biking Destinations In California

We’re bogged down in the dead of winter and cabin fever is affecting cyclists all across America. Thankfully, spring’s thaw is just around the corner. But, if you’re looking to escape the snow, sleet, and cold temperatures, there are tons of places to catch some warm rays and roll on dry land with these best bike rides in California! Here are our five best cycling routes in California handpicked just for you from sixthreezero:

  • Laguna Beach
  • If you love art, then you’ll dig cycling around Laguna Beach on your spring break. This charming Southern California town boasts tons of unique shops, galleries, restaurants, museums, and more that you can check out all year round. One of the best parts about this area is the sun-kissed sand and aquamarine water. Park your bike and take a dip in the water or just lay out and soak up the sun!

    Due to the mild temperatures, ranging from 50 to 72 in April, this Orange County destination is home to tons of single dry tracks, making it the ideal biking spring break paradise!

  • San Diego
  • One of the very best California spring break destinations is sunny San Diego! With average temperatures ranging from 62 to 71 in mid March and April, this city offers year-round riding weather that is ideal for any level of rider. It has easy access to the Pacific Ocean and lots of off-road riding travels for the modern cycling adventurer.

  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Cruz offers untouched natural splendors along with pretty mild temperatures of 46 to 70 in March and April. It also has access to some great turf and mountain biking terrains. One of the best rides Santa Cruz has to offer is the Forest of Nisene Marks and Soquel Demonstration Forest. Located along the eastern branch of the Soquel River, this lush park is home to redwoods and an amazingly diverse eco-system.

  • Venice Beach
  • One of the best ocean-side biking trails Southern California has to offer is the Venice Pier Trail, stretching from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. This legendary trail, nicknamed “The Strand,” offers up amazing views of the towns and cities that you will pass along the way. The six-mile trail also covers some sweet beaches, perfect for swimming, sun bathing, snorkeling, and surfing, as well as shops and restaurants along the way.

  • Los Angeles
  • The City of Angels might not seem like a great biking destination to some due to   all of the traffic and congestion, but this town does have its secret biking routes. Pass through the legendary Hollywood Hills and see if you can catch a glimpse of a star!

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    Top 5 Spring Break Biking Destinations In California