Top 5 Mountain Bike Destinations in Park City

March 27, 2018
Top 5 Mountain Bike Destinations in Park City
Top 5 Mountain Bike Destinations in Park City

There is no denying it – the state of Utah is a mountain biker’s paradise. And, with over 400 miles of trails, Park City, Utah is the cream of the crop. It even has an IMBA Gold level rating! If you’re interested in Park City downhill mountain biking, we have compiled a list of the five top Park City bike trails the area has to offer. So gear up, grab your best ride, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with our Park City mountain bike trails guide!

  1. Wasatch Crest Trail

The gorgeous views from this amazing trail are unbeatable, as Wasatch Crest Trail sits atop the Park City ridgeline, providing you with a 360 degree viewing of the rolling Wasatch Mountain Range, including the sprawling greater Park City, Utah region, and the breathtaking Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Many locals call this trail “the Crest Trail.” It is well-suited for the more experienced mountain biker as it requires strong physical fitness and endurance. The somewhat technical trail is tough, and many less experienced riders tend to bail after the first few miles. Part way through the trail, the gravel separates, giving you the option to descent into the Mill Creek Canyon or call it quits at Park City Mountain Resorts. However long you choose to ride, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life.

  1. Pinecone to Spiro

This trail is hailed as the best downhill flowing trail in the Park City area, and for good reason. Pinecone Trail cranks from the very top of Pinecone Ridge and intersects with Spiro in the Thaynes Canyon. The nine-mile trail is a flowing single track that cuts through lush Aspen and Pine groves. Locals dubbed this the 9 Mile Trail because it takes you precisely nine miles to the Yarrow Hotel for an ice cold beer. 

  1. Lost Prospector

This 7.8-mile loop is a fantastic cruise with lots of access to Park City’s local towns and resorts. It can be ridden as an out-and-back or a loop that includes an enjoyable ride through the Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail. Since it is a simpler trail, it’s great for beginners looking to get their first Park City mountain biking experience.

  1. Flagstaff Loop

Accessed from the Deer Valley Resort’s Silver Lake region, this trail can be tough to find, but the sweeping views are well worth the hunt. Cyclists have access to thick, sprawling meadows and expansive views of Mount Timpanogos.

  1. Flying Dog

This trail boasts a steady uphill climb followed by a smooth five-mile descent. It’s an intermediate trail located in the Glenwild region of Park City. It’s a super fun trail, offering curves, dips, and rolls.

For the top bike trails in America, be sure to read the rest of our blog. And, to build your own beach cruiser, take a look at our expansive accessories site.

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Top 5 Mountain Bike Destinations in Park City