Tips For Cycling In The Winter

December 05, 2018
Tips For Cycling In The Winter
Tips For Cycling In The Winter

Are you one of those people who refuses to believe that bikes have to hibernate during colder months? Good, us too. Let your bikes live a life out of your garage all year round! Cycling during winter is a great way to stay fit amid the constant onslaught of holiday cookies and the lack of evening walks you might take during the summer. Winter bike rides do require some special considerations, however. Here are some tips for cycling safely in the winter:

Give Your Heads, Hands, and Feet Some TLC

Drinking some hot cider or tea before you leave the house is a smart way to begin your journey with a warm core. You should also layer clothing on your torso in a long-sleeved shirt, vest, and potentially arm warmers. But what about your extremities? Those definitely need some special love. A lot of body heat escapes through the top of your head, so winter biking gear must include an insulated hat. Thick gloves and two pairs of socks are also a good addition to your winter wear collection.  

Wear Reflective Gear

There will always be people who shake their heads at people outdoors during wintery conditions and say “What are they thinking?” Those people may not expect to see a lot of folks on bikes when there is snow on the ground. Plus, it gets dark so soon during winter that even your work commute may be covered in darkness. Wear reflective tape on your jacket and install blinking lights on your bike.

Attach Fenders to Your Bike

Melting snow and road sludge will always splash up from the street and onto your bike – are you prepared? Fit your bike with fenders to keep some of the moisture (not to mention the salt and sand) at bay. Excess water and salt can erode crucial pieces of your bike, including the chains.

Bring Some Emergency Gear

Getting stuck on a trail with a flat tire or sprained ankle is one thing in May, but it’s quite another in December. In the event that you’re stuck waiting for a ride or walking your bike back to a main road, how will you stay warm? Having a canister of hot tea and some extra gloves and socks on hand may be an actual lifesaver. Strap a bag with supplies onto the rear of your bike so you’re prepared with everything from bandages and heat packs for your gloves to a flashlight and tire patch.

Cold weather bicycle gear is a must-have when the temperatures dip and the sun can hardly be found. Sixthreezero has women's comfort bikes for sale and makes it easy to shop for comfort bikes as well as road bikes. Customize your tires so they’re ready for snow-covered roads, and you’re ready to tackle your cold-weather journeys.

Do you want to find new and exciting places to take your bike on an adventure? Join our Journey Club to uncover new locations around the globe for winter biking and more.

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Tips For Cycling In The Winter