The sixthreezero Forever Warranty

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May 07, 2019
The sixthreezero Forever Warranty


Hey, guys. Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero Bicycles. I want to talk to you today about the lifetime warranty that we offer on all of our Bicycles. Now, if you haven't been to our website, you haven't seen it. We do in fact actually offer a lifetime warranty, available on our standard bicycles, not available on our e-bikes, and when you add a bike to the cart, you're going to get a pop-up box that's going to give you the option to add that lifetime warranty to your order.

Now, let's talk about what's the difference between the lifetime warranty and the standard warranty. We do offer our test ride your bike policy for one year. Basically, if within one year, if you don't love your bike, or you have issues, you can return it anytime within one year. And so, with that said, our warranty for standard bicycles that come with the purchase is one year.

Now, this excludes the bike frames. Now, for steel bike frames, for bikes with steel frames, we're actually going to warranty the frame for a lifetime, but we're only going to warranty the components for one year. On aluminum frame bikes, we're going to warranty the frame for one ... or, sorry, for two years, and we're going to warranty the components for one year.

Now, if you do upgrade to the lifetime warranty, $19.99, we're going to cover everything on that bike. Actually, rewind. Not everything. Almost everything on that bike for the lifetime on the purchase. Now, there is one item that we will not cover, which is the tubes and the tires, and the reason for that is because those are going to be getting beat up and ridden, and thorns are going to be going into them potentially. Things that we can't really regulate how you ride your bike. And so, with that said, tires are going to be excluded even from the lifetime warranty.

If you'd like the specifics of all the details of our warranties, please go to the bottom of our website and check out the warranty page, and it will walk you through everything in detail in terms of what's included, what's not included. But for $19.99, it's a great value. You can call us, basically, if you have any problems, any issues, we'll replace things, we'll take care of it.

Now, with that said, the lifetime warranty also will not cover any damage inflicted not from normal wear and tear and normal riding. So, unfortunately, if you crash your bike into a brick wall, the thing gets demolished, not covered over under the lifetime warranty. But if you're riding down the street, the crank starts to squeak, there's a problem with the crank, it's been three years after you bought the bike, no problem. We'll either reimburse to have a bike shop fix it for you, or send you a new component, which segues me into my next piece about the lifetime warranty, which is, how do you take advantage of the lifetime warranty?

So, a couple of different ways. Number one, if you have an issue with your bike, again related to normal wear and tear, and you have the lifetime warranty, contact us. From there, what we typically will do is work with you to figure out what's the best solution for you. Generally speaking, there's a couple of ways this can work. One, we can send you a new part, and you could do the installation on that new part yourself if it's easy enough. There's a lot of things on the bike that is pretty simple. Let's say the seat, for instance, breaks, and you just need to replace the seat. It's a simple tool. You can pop it on and off and do it yourself. And that's totally your choice. We want to be accommodating here at Arthroereisis.

The other option is if it's an unfixable thing ... sorry, going back, on the component side, if it's a component that needs to be replaced, or a part needs to be replaced, and it's really difficult for the at-home user, we'll send you the part, but then we will also reimburse for you to take the bike to a bike shop and have them switch it out. A good example might be if you're having an issue with your crank, and we figure out that it is the crank, and let's say that we have determined that it can't be repaired, we would send you the new component and then reimburse you to take it to a bike shop and have them install it.

The other option is that we just have you take it to a bike shop period, have them fix your issue, send us a copy of the receipt, and we reimburse you in full for whatever it costs to have that repair executed.

So, these are different ways we've done in the past. If there's something that works better for you to get you up and riding as fast as possible, that's our goal. We don't want to have you sideline because something's wrong with your bike. But really, that's how you take advantage of the lifetime warranty.

So, with that said, that's our lifetime warranty. That's how it works. If you have any other questions, please reach out. You can email us at, or call us by phone at (310) 982-2877, and don't forget, we have a body fitting guide questionnaire on our website. It's on the top here, right below the top navigation. Go ahead and take that quiz. It's about 20 questions. It's going to help fit you and your body to the right bike for you.

And as I mentioned previously, we have a 365-day test ride your bike policy. If you have any issues, problems, anything within 365 days, or if you don't love your bike, you can send it back, no questions asked, free shipping both ways, because, at sixthreezero Bicycles, our goal is to make sure you love your bike.

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The sixthreezero Forever Warranty